New Appearance is under development


I want to let you everyone know that a new appearance is under development. It is an additional to blue and graphite appearance. The theme will look like original MacOS 9 Platinum theme. It is still buggy but work pretty well so far.

Just want to let you know that making appearance in MacOS X is easier than making theme at this time. Smile

I will post my lastest status once a week
would love that. platinum is still the best. aqua/graphite is nice, but only platinum is minimalistic enougth for me.

Apple Platinum Appearance for MacOS X is almost completed. I'm currently working with two other authors to help me finish it faster.

I'm currently accepting all choice of future appearance for MacOS X. Send me your scheme and I will choose the best one. We can work together to port it to Appearance format.

We've encountered some of the problem in the platnimum appearance. There is one bug that we're not able to fix. Well I think it must be MacOS X Beta. We hope that next version of beta will fix it. We will hold our work until that bug is fixed in next version or we have to find a way around it soon or later. Stay tuned.
I am so happy to know that I will be able to apply Platinum to OS X. The Aqua Interface is a vain attempt at redesigning the Mac OS when it really doesn't need it. I cannot believe how many features we're going to lose with Aqua. Where Mac OS 9 is lacking is stictly under the hood. Is there any place to see some screen caps?
You have no proof and you don't seem to know what you are talking about. If you do have a theme, then well... sorry
Why would anyone want Platinum again? One of the reasons I bought Mac OS X was because I was so sick of all the Themes that were actually all alike. I had about 10 themes, all of them completely different but not one that pleased me except the Aque Theme :) Anyway, I'm not saying you can't port the theme to OSX but I wouldn't see why?

I would like to let you know that Platinum Appearance for MacOS X is no longer under development due to a request from one of the apple's lawyer. I'm sorry that I couldn't finish it earlier. I hope that apple will release their own appearance tools.

I'd gladly to answer any of the questions. :(

No offense, but while i'm sure those themes were a lot of hard work to implement, I just don't like 'em.

I rather like the OS X feel and would rather have a theme that expresses the future of the Mac OS rather than pining for the old days.

Mac OS 9 is dead. Let it go.
(am I cranky today? hm.)
The only changes I would make would be to shorten the title bar to the length of the title and to place the close title bar button on the opposite side of the title bar. Unfortunately I can't change the layout since Cocoa apps don't use the same code to draw it's title bars and uses a different layout than defined in the layo resource.
i just wanna get rid of the f*ckin' apple in the middle of the menu bar. damn, that's annoying.
Rinse, that can be achieved by simple customize to the text page. You will see: menubaricon=1 and I changed it to 0 and it wont show up.

That is all I can help for now :(
I am looking to develop an opensource application similar to kaleidoscope. If AdamBetts or anyone else can give me tips or hints on which stuff is where that would be great. If Apple won't allow themes be made, at least we can help those who want them by showing how its done, (Of course with one of those useless Legal "don't do this at home" notices) hehe

I have many ideas about how this can be done, and any input will be greatly appreciated.

I dont want to interrupt your party here... I just want to let you know that Kaleidoscope is hard working at MacOS X version. They've notified me of their project status. It is about 60% done. However I dont want to give you high hope about this because Apple could get this thru courts and stuffs. I'm sure you've noticed that kaleidoscope haven't focused on OS 9 version that much. Soon, they will announce their upcoming products (perhap at macworld? hint hint)

What you mean you don't remove the rom files that you d/l after 24 hours?

In all seriousness I think that an open-source theme application is a great idea. Just make sure it doesn't change the name of extra.rsrc and replace it. Theminator does that and we all know what happened to it.

btw. I was talking to one of the Apple Systems Engineers at my college and he told me that the final is supposed to support themes. If this is true its my guess that one of the reasons that Apple has been shutting down the OS X themes is b/c they have not fianlised the format that will be used in the final.

If the final does not support themes the kaleidoscope type application sounds great; however, if the final supports themes we should use those b/c they run faster.

Just my thoughts on the subject :),
Apple\'s been a little sensitive about themes lately for some reason; maybe it is, as you say, that OS X will support themes. But I, as a diehard Mac user cansay that I do not like them busting around like the Men in Black and zapping themes for X off people\'s webpages. Who are they, Microsoft? I hope for not only theme support, but also some theme tools as well.

Muck Ficrosoft.
This isn\'t <I>really</I> related to this guy\'s post, but think about how interesting it would be to use X with the Classic interface. Since it is pretty obvious that OS X is primarily a lot of eye candy, it would be interesting to see what people think about it when the UI functions as they are used to. If you stop getting dazzled why how cool Aqua looks, I think there would be a lot less support for OS X. I Used the Graphite mode for 10 minutes before I decided that the system was just too boring without colors.

Originally posted by anerki
Why would anyone want Platinum again? One of the reasons I bought Mac OS X was because I was so sick of all the Themes that were actually all alike. I had about 10 themes, all of them completely different but not one that pleased me except the Aque Theme :) Anyway, I\'m not saying you can\'t port the theme to OSX but I wouldn\'t see why?

Apple may be using a new theme format, namely PDF-based. Think about it, seen the Music Player window? It\'s a WDEF which loads a PDF file as the window and pushes the data to Quartz.

Resolution independent themes, mmm.