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I personally am interested in a new Kaleidoscope; and keep working on that other 3rd party scheme-doohicky, I like options. And options is something other than the godawful 'option' of Graphite to Blue! And I want to change my fonts...



I must be the odd man out on the whole Graphite thing, I prefer it to the standard color scheme -- but then I work at a graphic design company and I don't want a ton of things distracting me or changing my color perceptions.

ah, well.



I think that the main reason that Apple has been killing themes is that all of the themes so far have been hacked versions of a file. Installing these themes could potentially prevent OS X from booting (happened to a friend of mine yesterday). Also these themes have just been the aqua theme with new colors. These "themes" have Apple copyrighted material and we all know how Apple feels about copyright infringement. I have a feeling that if someone made a theme that did not contain any Aqua or Platinum elements Apple probably would not care other than the risk to the system.

Just my ¢2 :),


If they took Aqua out (or gave you an option to get rid of it, which would be better), I doubt that there would be any less support. OS X is an inherently powerful OS. Aqua, as far as I can tell, is merely a demonstration of its power. I myself like graphite mode, since it's a bit less harsh on my eyes. However, I really like the Rhapsody or OS X Server interfaces. They are excellent fusions of the NeXTSTEP and Mac OS interfaces.

P.S. All you system hackers: check out /System/Library/Frameworks/Versions/C/Resources and look through all the TIFF files. Some interesting legacy stuff in there.

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This isn\'t <I>really</I> related to this guy\'s post, but think about how interesting it would be to use X with the Classic interface. Since it is pretty obvious that OS X is primarily a lot of eye candy, it would be interesting to see what people think about it when the UI functions as they are used to. If you stop getting dazzled why how cool Aqua looks, I think there would be a lot less support for OS X. I Used the Graphite mode for 10 minutes before I decided that the system was just too boring without colors.