New Apple TV spot (pc virus)


"Ha ha, okay. Sure. No, that's fine! We'll give the Switch guy one more chance."

"...Collateral damage? Erm... Okay. We'll fire him if he screws this one up."

Two weeks later, the director for the infamous "Switch" and "Get a Mac" ad campaigns is seen scrubbing dishes at a greasy diner.


Once again, brilliant by Apple's creative agencies.

They do so many things right in these. They mention Microsoft Office at least twice, so they're clearly catering to M$. They don't want to piss off M$, they just want to sell Macs.

As for the virus thing, I think it's about time Apple went for it. Currently, there are virtually no viruses for OS X. Apple should leverage that for business growth. If two years from now, that changes, so be it. It's a MAJOR problem in Windows and a NONEXISTENT problem in OS X. Use it now while it's still true.

And I love how they somehow found a balance between Macs are better than PCs at some things, but PCs how are still usefull and we need to coexist. Well done.


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they mention office to make clear that office exists for the Mac. Not to play into MS' hands, really.


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I just watched them, and it's totally changed my perspective. I think they're funny and clever ads, and very truthful.

I agree with fryke, they're just advertising Office to show the world that Macs can run it.


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I'm sure that was the intention. ;) Mr. Dodgeball playing the part of the Mac almost looks like the Steve Jobs character in Pirates of Silicon Valley. :p

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Pathetic. Apple needs to show Macintosh computers in Macintosh computer commercials. These tired switcher type ads are of absolutely no value when trying to lure potential customers. Show the hardware and show the apps. Many potential buyers would opt for the Mac for iLife alone if they knew that it even existed and was bundled free. It's ridiculous and they need to move on from this format quickly so it doesn't always seem Apple is targeting complete fools to switch. It's not 1984 anymore.


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lol, i loved the apps. i liked the network one, and want a camera like that as well on my desktop net to my mac and pc. but it is so true about it just working. i have an n-gage qd (cell phone) who's only way to talk to computers is via bluetooth. since neither of my computers has it native, i bought an usb adaptor. i floow the instructions to the letter on the pc ( the phone's sw is pc only) and can never get it to work. after a couple of days of fighting with it, i give up. i later decide to plug the adaptor in my mac, and wola, i have instant bluetooth, and it see and talks to my phone. synced my cal and address book, and all set. need less to say, my pc is still without bluetooth.