New Carracho Is Out!!!

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Beta 4 - Release Notes

- New upload folder icon (Classic and MacOS X)
- News Central now supports flat news; click on server name to view and post (permission must be enabled for each account)
- Client now saves the last 10 recent connections
- Fixed a bug that causes a crash when clicking the upload button in the file window before the folder content has been loaded
- Clicking URL's in MacOS X is now working properly
- Added counter for private messages
- Dock icon now bounces if a message has been received in background (MacOS 10.1)
- Preferences has been moved to Application menu in MacOS X
- Icons in file list now work in OS X, if Classic is not running
- Windows now support live resizing in MacOS X
- MacOS X no longer has visual glitches in chat
- Fixed a bug that could a crash when closing the administration window
- The pane divider is working properly now in MacOS X
- Broadcast window now shows the user who has sent the message
- IP numbers in user info windows are now copyable
- Online update check now works on Internet connections without HTTP proxies
- New sort algorithm to allow faster sorting of lists
- Fixed a bug that causes a crash when opening a new file browser window if another file browser contents has not been loaded yet
- Fixed a bug that causes random crashes when switching between and closing windows
- Network engine has been rewritten
- Canceling a file transfer now closes the connection properly
- Scroll wheel support added in MacOS X
- Several internal changes