NEW crap in OS X 1.0!


John Galt Member
if anyone here hasn't looked kinda deep into the os x page on apple's site (<a href=></a>), there are great new additions:

1. contextual menus for the dock with anything from your monitor control panel to applications info to pavorites, to contents of normal folders, b clicking and holding on an icon in the dock, a whole menu appears!

2. a lot has also been added to the finder. go to the site and click on the image right below "using mac os x"...

3. i could go on for a while with new stuff, but there would be no point. go to the site, and check the crap out!

BoLinDilly (i am so excited for os x 1.0)

P.S. what do you guys think of the new imporvements seen with os x???

PowerSam MP

OS X 1.0 and Apples new Hardware line up will be the best consumer level computing available PERIOD.

I emphasize consumer, we're not ready to replace the Ultra SPARC III's and Solaris yet...



Ouch! Well, the pictures were very interesting at the time, is all I can say.

Besides, as the man says, the build is up to 4k25 now - 4k17 is passe.


PowerSam MP


I recon that we're probably at built 4K50 by now, this thing is probably changing by the day....frankly I think that version 1.0 will probably still be buggy (by Apple standards, a version 5.0 by window's standards) for a year after the March release.....I'm sure Apple will encourage checking their website for fixes frequently.

I just hope all the driver makers, like ATI, Umax, HP, Epson et al don't screw up the system by writing drivers that corrupt it. I already believe that the Umax scanner drivers are the cause of OS 9.x problems when using iToons..