New Epson Printer Utility


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I installed the new Epson Stylus Photo 870 printer drivers the other day, and was pretty peaved when I printed to see that they were exactly the same as the other drivers already released, namely, missing the extra features of OS 9's drivers like Nozzle check, remaining ink, head cleaning, etc.

Well, they may not be built in to the driver, but when you install the SP870 drivers, there is a app installed called "EPSON Printer Utility". It's in your apps folder. It basically restores all the missing functionality of the OS 9 drivers in a seperate application. Here's a screenshot...


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I've also just installed the 870 drivers etc.
Everything works fine (the print utility works OK, I've selected the printer and everything).
However, everytime I try to print from AppleWorks etc, in the pritn queue thing, I just keep getting an error, and it won't print?
What could be wrong? Everything should work.:confused:
Do they make this program for the Stylus Color 740? That was the "recomended" printer for my iMac. (I think it's the worst printer I've ever had. My old HP was better.)