New Hard Drive won't boot after formatting G3 B&W


I just got a new Western Digital 80 GB HD for a G3 B&W with 350 MHz processor and 768MB RAM (Rev 1). I formatted the hard drive by using a Hard Drive cloner (Iomega, I think) on a G4 via firewire, and installed Tiger. Once I put the hard drive back in the G3, the computer would not boot. I checked the jump settings and it's set to master. The computer also won't boot from an OS 10.2 CD or a Tiger DVD. I can't think of anything to do. Any ideas?

BTW, as a side note, I got 3 of the same Western Digital 80GB HDs at the same time and formatted all 3 the same way. One went into another G3 B&W and another went into a G3 iMac 350 MHz. Those two worked swimmingly.
Well, the _normal_ way would be to install the drive into the B&W G3, boot from the installation CD or DVD and format the drive _there_ (Disk Utility under the Apple menu). If the Mac doesn't want to boot from the installation media, the problem probably hasn't got anything to do with the harddrive. It should even boot from the CD without any harddrives attached.