New hardware ethernet troubles


softer than ever!
Anyone else experiencing ethernet hangs with new hardware. I have ruled out software and wiring, as well as protocols.

What it is:
G4 466 (2 of em) and a new iMac 400 all exhibit cyclical hangs - ie. any network activity slows to a crawl for 10 second, then back to normal for five minutes. And so on and so on....

I've tried all three on three different LANs in three different cities with three different hubs / switches, the whole shabang.

This has to be hardware. All machines running clean 9.1, one running 9.1 and ASIP 6.3.x

Anybody else see this before I ship these bad boys back??
As a network/computer administrator, I would say they are just plain and simple bad nics, or either legacy 10BT Nics.

You may also be trying to run them on a network that is not 10/100. I know there are problems like that sometimes when you are using Cisco switched and a 100Only network. Most people aren't, so we are going to rule this one out.

You also might want to get another NIC (not the same make or model) and try them. If you can't remove them (due to onboard sutff), get a USB or a PCMCIA/Cardbus.