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I'm owner of two Mac's one with a PowerPc and one with a 68xxx.
What has happened? Amiga has continued to use the 68xxx. Apple has changed to the PowerPc. Emulation has made this change invisible.
hey, i get it :)

the "nieuwe" word means new, and if you look there, it says "nieuwe Apple hardware". So in a few days time apple is set to announce some new hardware :)
For more infomation watch certainly my previous messages,, and
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Last Updated: Friday September 28th, 4:50 PM EDT

Apple quietly re-introducing $799 iMac model - 4:40 PM 9/28 - Industry News/Rumor

According to several reports from retailers, Apple has quietly reintroduced a $799 entry-level iMac model for the public market with a 500MHz G3 processor, 512k of 200MHz backside L2 cache, 64MB of RAM, a 20GB hard disk, and CD-ROM drive. Previously, this model was only available to the educational and Belgian market.

The grapevine seems to believe that Apple is doing this to stave off the worst of recent economic dropoff's effects....and address the concerns of customers who want Apple to have a shipping alternative to sub-$800 Wintel desktops. Of course , this entry-level iMac isn't being reintroduced with much fanfare - Apple doesn't really want to sell a lot of them if it could be moving more expensive, higher-margin Macs instead. In fact, several of the retail reports suggested that these entry-level models would be used primarily as a sales tool to get customers to come into the store....and then, hopefully, purchase a more powerful model (or at least some aftermarket add-ons, like extra memory, isub) in order to run Mac OS X - since this $799 model doesn't come with enough RAM to run OS X efficiently, and its 500MHz/512k G3 is somewhat outdated. (I own a 5260 G2 assembly /120MHz.)

In related news, Apple sources have begun to suggest that the introduction (exists already) of this $799 model is intended to boost overall iMac sales (and typing-lessons), in order to clear out the company's huge stockpiles of iMac components over the remainder of the the long-awaited new-form iMac is still under heavy development and market research but may be ready to ship as soon as January if the market proves itself ready....
The Mac-community must know that I have computerknowledge and that there is no way to continue this messages if there is not enough support for what I'm doing (now). There is much more information available for Pc's than for Apple and this is killing this "service". I don't regret my Powermac and the assembly that I received from Motorola. I hopes this info is clearly enough. By the way the Low-end Imac is available in Great-Brittain, France and the UK.
ZDNet: Printer Friendly - Apple set to release cheaper iMacs

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Apple set to release cheaper iMacs
By Ian Fried,
September 28,2001 11:43 AM PT

not continued already released

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P.S. I don't have this.
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If You watch prices from Appledealers You can find that from Brussels is selling the same Imac 2000 BEF less than By Easyware You can pay the imac montly at 0%. Sadly there is no CD-rewriter with this Imac (Intel has decided recently to cut support for floppy).