NEW-How to view MPEG-2 on Tiger


NEW to Mac, 6 days.
Without waiting for shipment from Apple for a MPEG-2 Playback component, is there any other way to watch my MPEG-2 clips in my new Mac? On the PC, I used Real Player, WMP, other freeware programs.
I'm leaning toward purchasing DropDV to convert my MPEG-2 clips to DV to use in iMovie. But first, I'd like to be able to watch them from my disks, BEFORE converting, so I can pick and choose what to convert.
I'd buy the Apple QT MPEG-2 component today, IF I didn't have to wait for shipment. I'm used to buying online electronic software versions, without waiting for things to come in the mail. I live in Canada and the mail is ugly!
Deb :)

Captain Code

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VLC will play MPEG2 videos. I also use MPEG StreamClip to demux my recorded MPEG2 into something Quicktime can export to H.264