new ibook and os10.1 wont wake from ZZzzz


Hey there all, i just installed 10.1 finally on my new ibook 500 mgz ibook and each time since ive used it it has frozen in sleep mode.. Now it wasn't doing this before i updated.. It is probably just a setting, but i tried changing the Energy saver to never goto sleep...Anything else i can do? Im still usin 9.1 as well, should i update that?
I once, too, had this problem. But there is a way to get around it, sort-of.
Turn energy saver to "Never" in all fields. Then go under your System Preferences and turn on the Screen Saver to something you like (I prefer the beach one) and there ya go...instant cool ness.
I'm really sorry, but from what I've heard going around there is no real way to solve the problem.

P.S. What kind of iBook do you have? I have a SE Graphite, 500 mgz.
Oh i have a new Ibook 500mghz with 384mb ram, 10 gb hd with 20 gb firewire hd, OSX.1 well not that new now :p
HAve fun, thanks again!