new ibook freezes easily


hey there all, i have a new ibook with combo drive and all works well, except there seems to be a weird problem of it fully locking up (in osx and 9.1) so i can't do a damn thing but insert a pin to restart and each time i do that the date and time get reset, which is turning into a real pain in the ass!@ hehe
Well i bought this brand new 1 week ago now and am happy with it besides this ongoing freezing which seems to happen when i either type at certian unexplainable times on the k/board or hit the scroll bar or even slightly moving it sometimes does it also.
Any help would be much appreciated before i righ the store soon to ask why my brand new ibook freezes so easily... To a point where i can't use x's force quit option cos i cant get the mouse to move over to the desktop, its locked and wont move till its rebooted..
ibook 500 mghz 384 mb ram cdr dvd osx
I have the exact same thing, ibook lots of ram, combo drive (read "should i return this ibook ~help" for an expanation of whats wrong with mine!)

basically, my iBook runs extreemly many ways I couldn't of asked for a better machine.
Ok, for your problem:
some 2 or 3 years ago I got my firs iMac (grape / second ed iMacs),
when I got it home the first thing it did was Crash! Man was I pissed!
I asked several so called "experts" what was wrong, they all said it was a software thing. Well after months of consistant crashing with no rhyme or reason (no consistancy in the crashing), and a lot of software probing on my part, I finally took my complaint straight to Apple! They told me that it sounded more like a hardware thing.
Basically, to make a long story short(er), the problem was that the CPU / Motherboard were shot...from the factory.
From just one phone conversation, Apple found a local service shop for me and quickly placed an order for the new internal parts.
It was fixed in a day from a shop called "MACS4U.COM".
Once back home, my iMac to this day rarely crashes!
SO, maybe your iBook is suffering from the same RARE problem that my iMac went through.

Good luck!
thanks.. After consulting the sales person from the mac shop here in Sydney that i bought it from, he said it sounded like the ram, which it ended up being. We got his approval (i was at work) to open it up and take out the extra 256 mb ram simm i had installed by them, the salesperson was really cool, replying to all my stressed reports via email instantly, he even suggested calling apple oz. which i did and got an id and pass etc and was told 'yeah that's weird, might be the ram chip, we haven't heard of this yet, let us know' (which i should do still:D ) by the phone support dude...
So we went ahead and removed the xtra ram (with antistatic strap on and in a clean environment;) and left the inbuilt 128 ram chip in it and bingo! it ran fine, i tested for ages, wouldn't freeze or make same schreeching modem like noise again...Then we put that xtra 256 back in and it has run fine ever since..