New iBook


Hi, I want to sell my tower G4 for new iBook, it is lovely. It is said that it ships with OS X. Anybody has any comment
The iBook does not ship with a G4, it comes with a 500Nhz G3 that does not have a velovity engine. Other than that it is a kick-ass machine (given that you can up the ram to 256, a combo drive, built in airport, USB, firewire, modem, ethernbet, RGB, speakers, 1024*786, 20Gb HD and all those for about $2100!!! ... I waaaannnttt ooonnneeeeee)
The new iBook does not ship with OS X pre-installed. It will run OS X, I would suggest getting more ram if you would like to do that.

Apple still plans on pre-installing Mac OS X in July of this year.
Actually the new iBook is the same as the old one except for the faster processor, extra USB, combo drive, and higher resolution screen. I would NOT sell my G4 for an iBook. I am planning on selling some older computers to get one to go with my G$.