New iBook...


I'm planning on buying a new iBook in a couple of months. However, I'm pretty strapped for cash, and I'm gonne have to go for the cheapest one avaliable.

Now, I know Mac OS X needs 128MG of RAM, so why is the cheapest iBook only giving 64!?

And is it worth paying those stupidy high prices on the Apple Store web site to get the RAM with the computer, and if not, what's the best place to get cheap RAM (about 265 should do nicely, when I have the cash)...

Any help would be... err... helpful.

Okay, get the lowest model of the ibook. I would advise against getting the ram from apple, although, I know it is good ram.

Go to and there you will find relatively good prices on Ram. There are other places on the internet to buy Ram, I would suggest looking around.
is not removable... Soldered in.

Neither is the 128 megs on the higher end ones.

So, if you do not buy at least the CDR version, you've dropped your possible maximum ram by 64 megs. If I'd known that, I would have put in the extra even though I don't need a CD burner.

Hope that helps.
Wickedly cheap prices with reliable quality.

I would have to concur with lions web, buy the CD-R or DVD, you'll get a nice drive and you'll ultimatly have more RAM capacity.