New Ibooks!


I want one... now. I´am broke tough but sooon...
I will just wait for osx to come preinstalled and more apps. The future looks great

I like the new design. It looks like a mini TiBook! I'm not sure if i would rather get the TiBook or the iBook with combo drive.
It's all about what you want to do with it :)
IF I did not have any computers I would get a TiBook.
Since I already have a G3 B&W tower that still has lots of life left, I would rather buy an iBook with a combo drive to take it with me where ever I got and be productive (and entertained).

AN iBook would make more sense for me because it is more portable. IF you have a fast connection go to the apple web site and see the movie they have about the new iBook. Take a look at it in comparison with the people who use it (both adults and kids). IT is TINY, its smaller than the orginal iBook! portability is definatelly a ++++++++++, and it packs an eceptional amount of power too! (image all those ingrates I can amaze with it showing that mac are better than PCs.... being able to run OS X, OS 9, linux, windows, and other OSs under VPC as well.... coooooollll :D) A super computer on the go :D