New iMacs


I just went to and the new iMacs are hideous. They have colors called flower power and blue dalmation. What is Apple thinking? However they do have cd-rw.

Tell me the new colors are a joke,
well, I know that I'm in the minority on this issue, but I rather like the new iMac.. uh.. flavors. You never know, they may sell really well -- they are consumer oriented products.

what might have been cool is if the imagery was irradescent or one of those 'holographic' prints
THey are probably made for teh 60's and 70's generation LOL... what gets me is the fact that they still use G3 processors. Personally I dont like using all-in-one computers so I would probably would not be caught dead with an iMac but why still use G3 processors ?

> why still use G3 processors ?

Simple, because of the cost. Apple is trying really hard to get the cost of the imacs down. They figure that a lot of imac users will be first timers and they don't need that much power. The imacs aren't that slow anyway.

BTW, i've used one of the new blue dalmation imacs and up close they do look pretty cool. I can see why some people would like the flower power one too but I like graphite G4s myself. I don't want one of the new imacs but I can think of a lot of people who would.

I don't really mind the new iMacs. I'm not wild about them, but I don't mind them either.

Actually, I was kind of disappointed that Apple got rid of the plain beige cases just before I got my computer - I was looking forward to spray-painting it. Customizing the translucent cases just doesn't seem right.

I think it would be really cool if you could get custom cases from the factory though - send them a wallpaper sample or something.
I hear that the iMacs are much more subtle in person... the pictures look very garish because all of the transluscency and different depths of the colored elements is flattened. I'm pretty sure they will sell just fine to their target market.

As far as the G3 issue, remember that until the newest G4 chip (7405 or something? -- the 733's) the G4 was basically just the G3 core with AltiVec. So unless you're running a lot of photoshop, a fast G3 isn't much if at all slower than a similarly-speeded G4. (though the amount of cache, etc does differ)

Most compuer seem better in person :)
In the beginning the cube did not seem like much but when I went to Micro Center
to go get some RAM (the day after I got OS X in the mail) I saw it ans I was awed!

As for the G3.... I just thought of the demographics of Macs....
People who buy all in ones do it for the sake of simplicity because
a novice or a person that doesnt want a lot of computer troubles is
going to use it :p.... so I guess my granny aint gonna do heavy photoshop
rendering and DVD burning he he he.....
(sometimes these posts make one think :p)

(I can just imagine "The Matrix" by granny :p... )

I got a friend of mine... he knows nothing about computers. He came to my place the other day to study, we went on the web to find some answers to some of our questions, then we used Office 2001, played some games.

He was awed, and he decided he needed a computer too !

So we fired the browser once again and, much to my surprise, the new iMacs turned out to be a pretty good deal. Try to configure a Dell or a Compaq computer just to built in the functionalities of an indigo iMac (Good), and you'll be in for a surprise : the iMacs end up cheaper !!! :cool:

Alas, my friend ended up buying a PC clone :eek: because :
a) The iMac screen was to small for him (he wanted 17")
b) He wanted a CD-RW and a DVD reader

On the whole, the computer he bought in a brick and mortar store was 700 $CDN more than the equivalent iMac on the canadian AppleStore ! And he got an Athlon 800 MHz...

This goes on to prove, once again, that Apple needs to sell a G3 cube... And that Apple should put the ability to read DVDs back into their computers ! :mad:
Hey, who says you need flower power, get the GRAPHITE iMac and enjoy the 600Mhz G3 and the CD burner. Or spend just $899 and get INDIGO.

As others have said, this is a consumer mac. Think about young girls who would want this. Also, the Baby Boomer generation has a lot of dough to spend and many of them align themselves with the 60s....thus flower power macs.

I could really see the blue dalmation appealing to lots of people. If you have not seen these in person, the holographic effect is very pleasing to look at. I could see a lot of blue dalmation being sold.

Beige G3 (rev.1)/466/320MB/Zip/24X SCSI CD
32MB ATI Rage Pro / Asante 10/100 / USB Card
OS 9.1 / (2) IDE HDs on rev.1====>Can't install OS X : (

Really, have a look at the new imacs in person and if you still don't want one, then well that your opinion. As for them being bad for apple's sales, my sister bought a 600MHz blue dalmatian so they have at least one customer :)