new impossible paradox with Classic


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It seems my troubles will never end.

OS 10.1 combined with OS 9.2.1 was the first set up that allowed Flash 5 to run without crashing.

I thought I finally had a stable Classic.

Now, out of nowhere, the problems return.

I've even tried reinstalling OS 9.1 with default settings, clean system folder, then a clean install of 9.2.1 on top of that.

Then a clean install of OS X 10.1. Still, nothing works.

After the clean installs, Classic opened. But Flash crashed upon exporting a SWF file. (Normal behavior on mac.) After this, Classic never opened again.

Classic startup just shuts down at the beginning of its startup.

I've posted about this before. It's an extension / preference problem. I've already found the offending extension. It is "Shared Library Manager PPC". Once I remove that extension, Classic starts up just fine. However, Open Transport is disabled, you get error messages, and the old white box glitch. You cannot open many apps, either.

Putting Shared Library Manager PPC back into the extensions folder screws up Classic.

Deleting ALL preferences doesn't help. At one time it did help, not anymore.

Now I don't know what to do.

I have a CLEAN INSTALL of the whole system. 9.1, 9.2.1, 10.1. I opened Classic ONCE. It crashed. It never opens again.

I know it is some kind of extension conflict involving shared library manager PPC.


So it is so hosed, so screwed. No hope. I do not have the time nor patience to find the conflict with shared library manager PPC.

Anyone else heard of this????



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Guess what?
Now I've deleted ALL preferences
AND moved ALL extensions into "extensions disabled folder"

I left ONLY "Shared Library Manager PPC" in the extensions folder, along with the few extensions that Mac OS X adds automatically.

It STILL shuts down Classic on startup.

So it's NOT an extension conflict... it's NOT a corrupt preference file...

what is it??? Did Shared LIbrary Manager PPC itself get corrupted? How do I get a brand new version of it? Should I burn this ONE extensions onto a CD after another god damn clean install???



I think it got hosed. I used to keep a known good install around so that I could copy parts out of it when my 9 freaked out. (or 8 or 7) So yeah, replacing extensions, the suitcase and the finder was usually a good way to eliminate rondom bugs.

Techtool also (running native on 9) was good at finding corruption on drives that had a tendency to make the finder eat itself upon seeing the drive. I had a scsi drive so messed up once I used it as an experiment to crash 9. hot connect the drive to a running and known good 8.x, use silverlining or something to mount the drive
count to 5
try and move the mouse ... reboot.

Yeah, 9 is fragile and has a tendency to truly eat itself. Reinstalling or replacing with known good parts and checking the integrity of the filesystem on your HD would probably clear it up.


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Blessing the system file in OS9?

This is the only thing I can think of at present (I haven't thought too hard!)

Basically, grab the file "System"from the System Folder and place it outside of that folder, then, put it back (I think this is what you do, but you can refer to this in a ny Mac machine manual.)

Worth a try 'cause there is very little to mess with doing it.


The 9.x OS install CDs will have a copy of the Shared Library Manager PPC extension. Try copying from that to save a complete reinstallation.


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I've had no problems running Flash in Classic at all - as a matter of fact, I was using my Wacom tablet under 10.1 running Classic 9.2.1 on an 8600 with a Sonnet FW/USB card and the stock 604e processor. Worked great.

Perhaps its not an extension conflict, but a missing extension?