New Logic Board Experience


My early 2011 MBP died and I got it repaired with a new logic board. (Running 10.12.2)

I'm not sure why but when it booted, it did not trust any of my passwords -- especially Mail. What I discovered, consistently, all of the drop down dialog boxes asking for your password, e.g. to connect to the SMTP server to send a message, did not work. I could enter the correct password and it would just say it could not connect and repeat the question.

What does work is open Mail. Open Preferences. Go to Accounts. For each account, click Server Settings. The password field was always blank in my case. Add your password there and it will work. This appears to be true for both the incoming mail and the out going mail.

You can also hit Mail -> Window -> Connection Doctor to make sure all the lights are green.

The only odd thing left is some of the passwords still revert back to the blank setting for some reason.
Go to System Preferences>Accounts (or Internet Accounts) Enter your passwords there and make sure you click on save. That should make Mail remember.