New Mac OS Y out soon…


After the release of the massive Mac OSX apples started working on there new OS11 otherwise known as Mac OSY. It has a totally new graphical interface called Fandango. It doesn't have Quarzt anymore but its got Crystal Its also got got instead og OpenGL, its got WideOpenGL. It will be out in 10-11 years during which apple will release an update every year…

e.g. 2001 = MacOS 10.1, 2002 = MacOS 10.2, 2003 = MacOS 10.3 …


Thats all I now about it now!:cool:

imac SE 600
Mac OS 10.1
I wish I could travel to the future and see it........I wish I could see all of apples latest projects and test them out I would pay millions to do that MILLIONS!!
Well in that case, Ben, I've got a time machine I'll sell ya. I know you'll love it: I bought it at an Apple garage sale. I'll sell it for a cool twenty bucks. =)

I laughed when I first read this threads title. Because apple doesn't go by the alphabet...they go by roman numbers.
For example: OS X = OS 10 which means the next one may be OS XI or whatever.

I knew I should have paid attention in US Studies class. :)
I don't think they will be changing the UI. They will probably add a feature that will allow you to change the appearance like in OS 9.x
Just the name he's given the OS makes it obvious its a joke. I don't know why they would have taught you roman numeral in "U.S. Studies" trip, but it would go like this:

X = 10
XI = 11
XII = 12
XIII = 13
XIV = 14
XV = 15
XVI = 16

and so on... so as you can see, it will be Mac OS X.* for some time. :D
I'm not sure about MacOsY I think MacOsNX in dutch it means (niks =) nothing. Think about MacOsPX. Personal extention. You can have the software(OS) like You want, it is free like Nulniks (zeronothing) and this is what You received.
I this Roman Numeral thing is TOO biased :p
I vote for greek numerals!

Mac OS 11 = MacOS KA (kappa Alpha)
Mac OS 12 = MacOS KB
Mac OS 13 = MacOS KG (Well Kappa Gamma)

and so on ;)