New Mac User: Single User Mode Cp -r No Such File Or Directory


totally frustrated, my mac does not work
I followed the instructions here and all the steps work for me
but I dont know how to copy files to the external disk
all my attempts are "not such file"
I dont want fix rhe pc only my files
I'm using the command cp -r /users/myname /desktop /bakk/ (name of mounted hard disk ntfs)
any help?
Is your external drive one that you have used with a Windows PC, and is it formatted NTFS? Your cp line seems to indicate that it is.
Your Mac cannot write (or copy) files to an NTFS drive, unless you have NTFS drivers installed. The Mac cannot do that natively.

You said that your Mac does not work. What kind of computer are you using to backup the files on your Mac?


the mac only works in single user mode any other mode white screen reboot loop
yes the external is a windows ntfs drive i need a fat32 external disk?


some pics


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fat32 disk would work, as long as you don't have large files to back up. fat32 won't copy files larger than 2GB, for example.

there's a couple of possible helps - you can reformat your external drive in a Mac format from single user mode, using diskutil command.
I could search for the correct command to do that if you want me to find it. (I don't know what the full command is :) )
Unless you don't really want to erase any external.

Have you tried repairing the OS X system by reinstalling OS X from the Recovery partition?
Restart, while holding Command-R
Choose Reinstall OS X from the menu screen.