new macs


There are prototype imacs running 800MHZ-1GHZ (G3),
NVidia Ge-Force 2 MX, an LCD Screen and guess what?
There in new cases! There not in the ALL-IN-ONE design anymore!
OK then! if you dont beleive i'll tell you the facts:

'Apple has just bought 4,000 LCD displays'
'They are not in there ALL-IN-ONE design because I know someone who works there and hes actually seen the new macs'
'Motorola has actually developped the 800MHZ-1GHZ(G3) accidently because the new macs (700G3) was supposedly meant to be the

The new imacs will probably be shown at the Sept'01 Expo or the Jan'02
If this is really true, the new (I)mac will have a fan from the videocard. Please can You give more information, so that I can give up the idea of buying a dutch G3/500 CD to replace my old G2/5260 D:)
Steve Jobs said: "No new hardware in Paris?" Ten years ago I had bought me a Tandy 1000 SL computer (Radio Shack). You must know that in the past Tandy was as important as Apple now. The hardware was (like Apple) slightly different from IBM. I think that the Imac can be redesigned, including an integrated LCD-screen, full-space keyboard and mouse. Maybe colour stickers are a good choice to change the keyboard-design as you prefer. The great advantage of buying an Imac is that the Imac is quiet.
Dude, you've got your facts all messed up. They're going to be 1.6GHz G4 iMac tablets! How could you mess that up? Anyway, I'll post some pics of it as soon as I draw them in Photosho-I mean as soon as my friend at Apple get's 'em to me. Oh, yeah, and they're going to start at $600 because of the huge demand (you know how great the economy is doing!).

Maybe someday the trolls will give up. :rolleyes:
wow... i can't believe that you guys didn't believe him!

except for the G3 part and the 1 GHz part, he was predominantly correct!