New? OS X.1 Feature

From macintouch:

[Jay Cowan] "There is an amazing feature in Mac OS 10.1 that no one seems to have noticed. Mac OS 10.1 is able to run applications in nearly any language. One of the helpful Apple Reps at Seybold showed me:
1. Open Internet Explorer in US English, with English menus, then quit explorer.
2. Open the "international" settings in the control panels and push the Japanese language to the top of a language preferences list.
3. Without even closing that control panel, restart Internet Explorer.
4. The splash screen is now in Japanese, and when the program opens (in about one second) the entire application (menus, dialog boxes, etc.) is in Japanese! Unicode is fully supported!
The same thing worked with Spanish and German. And it worked with several major carbonized applications that I tried."

I'm not at home with my macs now... Can anyone verify this? Perty cool if true. Kinda like the Universal Translator, well, not really, but I was just in the "Enterprise" section...
I was poking around and changed a file called.
.CFUserTextEncoding which is invisible in the finder, but you can see it in terminal.

1:14 is Japanese.

in the /System/Library folder you can find a new set of folders in UserTemplate/ which contain the user files which are copied for new users you create.

so if you want to know which is which it is a good self reference.

so you can make a set of users and set a different language for each if you are thrilled by such things.

I am in Japan and can read japanese, so I wasn't particularly irritated, but I wanted to get back to english, even though I had created the folder manually(by copying the japanese defaults) and assigning a new user with netinfo.

The language control panel is spectacular.

Sadly for AdmiralAK, I see no sign of Greek

but several asian languages and input methods built into the system is a major boon and especally set so that all cocoa apps with the resources will automatically switch to Japanese menus and messages just by hitting the control panel. (or whatever language)

Additionally, you should find that getting access to any language or font is equally easy from and base language.

Really very nice.
Otherwise, there are many amazing features that the whiners on other threads have failed to notice.
I have SG64 and there is no support for Korean. You can view Korean but not input it through keyboard. OS 9 had input support. Does anyone know if Apple will release some kind of a lanuage kit? I know Greek will be appreciated as well. Now, how bout rest of the world?
I agree, the ability to have applications open in different languages is great. The main reason, I believe, that no one has mentioned it for 10.1 is because it's also in 10.0. I think I may have even used it in the PB, I can't remember.

As for language kits, I'm thinking this will be dealt with soon by Apple, if not in the actual 10.1 release. I have yet to see any comments about what languages there are, and also language kits, in the real 10.1 (not just leaked developer builds). But since there is not supposed to be a localized version of OS X for each country, it is really imperitive that Apple do this. And who knows, they just might...
I wonder if Russian is in 10.1.

I also wonder how hard it is to create a language kit for OS X. It would be cool if I could create or help create a Quenya kit for OS X (Quenya is the High Elven language of the Tolkien books).
Well, on the Quenya note, at least we wouldn't need new encryption methods... 'cause only LO could read your screen, files etc.

I see LO... just building that evil empire... But I'm right behind ya... just picked up Quenya for dummies. It won't be long before I'm proficient... then... then... muah muah mUAH HAHAHAHAAHAHA...

Ok, I'll shut up now.
It shouldn't be hard to make a new language kit. If you install the Developer Tools, there's a project under /Developer/Examples/AppKit/HexInputServer, which looks like it could be modified for such needs. However, in my quest to have better Devanagari input, I have been unable to build it. I was in correspondence with someone at the local Apple store (Columbus) along these lines, but we never resolved the problem with the example in the Developer Tools.
I just think it would be cool as all hell to have OS X running with Tengwar on the screen. Should confuse the hell out of alot of people.

Would also make for a killer screen shot ;)
I will have to look at the dev tools example. Maybe it will be possible to atleast set it up so that it can display Tengwar correctly using the localization support already in the OS. Input I realy haven't figgured out yet, since there realy isn't a defined way to do the input (on the computer it's usualy defined by the people who make the fonts).

BTW, does anyone know of any font making tools for OS X?
Originally posted by LordOphidian
I wonder if Russian is in 10.1.

Russian is NOT in 10.1. Also, 10.1 does NOT support Cyrillic input. However, the Macintosh Club of St. Petersburg - - is working on Cyrillic input for OS X; they may well release it sooner than Apple does. I don't know.