New 'Poof' for the Dock


when you remove a document/application from the Dock a short animation of your item dissapearing in a cloud of smoke occurs... I've noticed that, with a little bit of work, this animation is replaceable.

Introducing my new Poof! ( I call it Zing ):


(pardon the large image size)

Okay.. Here is how you install the new Poof:
  1. download the file
  2. Boot into OS 9.x
  3. go to /System/Library/CoreServices/ and then rename the "poof.pdf" file to something like "poof-orig.pdf"
  4. copy the new "poof.pdf" into that Resources directory

The next time you boot into X you'll have that poof when you drag Files/Apps out of the Dock.

[Edited by Hobeaux on 03-13-2001 at 10:28 AM]
It also gets rid of that "poof that stays" problem. Sometimes there'll be a little bit of the puff that lingers around. This is better. Thanks!
If Hobeaux can stand more kudos: That is one seriously :cool: poof! Here's an alternative way of using it without booting 9 or rebooting X:

After downloading, open Terminal and:
[root password]
cd /System/Library/CoreServices/
mv poof.pdf poof-orig.pdf
mv /[path to download folder]/poof.pdf poof.pdf
ps -x
kill [process # for Dock]

The dock will exit and restart, and if you drag something off of it, you should see 'Zing.'

(BTW, I'm typing this in OmniWeb and just noticed that it makes use of the Cocoa spell-check service. Is this great or what?)
I guess this is a colloquial issue, but POOF has a very different meaning outside the continental United States ;-)
I wouldn't like one in my dock...
i was wondering who would be the first to bring that up! someone should mention it to apple...

would fanny be better? ;)

naw, best stick to Puff