New Powerbook And New Ibook


MacNN sources note that Apple will officially introduce new speed-bumped Powerbooks and Ibooks later this month. The new Powerbook will feature G4 processor speeds of 667 MHz and 550 MHz, larger harddrives (20 GB/ 30 GB) , a Radeon 128 Mobility graphics processor, Gigabit ethernet, and a bundlet Airport card. The new Titanium Powerbooks are expected to be the same prices as the current models. Apple is also expected to introduce new speed-bumped ibooks with faster 600MHz G3 processor, larger hard drives (15GB/15GB/20GB) , and more memory (128MB) as well as cut pricing on it's high-end machine combo-drive unit by about $100. Current models are expected to be dioscounted to clear remaining inventory after the expected October 16.
i haven't found that article on macnn - would you care to enlighten me as to where it is? I have a friend who has odds on them not coming out on tuesday :)

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It is better to stay up to date with information and don't be influate by Apple's marketingteam.
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More Notes on the New Apple Portables
By Nick dePlume, Publisher and Editor in Chief

Last week, we noted that new PowerBooks and iBooks will reach resellers this week. There will be three new iBook models and two new PowerBook G4s, with pricing similar to current models. Since that time, there have been several new developments:

Many resellers, as expected, have yet to receive any official word from Apple on the new models, and are watching the channel with interest. Apple has suggested to several dealers, however, that they provide accurate inventory reports on Monday, for possible price protection. Rumor has it that the current portables will receive "severe" price discounts.
"Look for something 'fresh from the freezer,'" one source noted, while two informants speculated that the PowerBook's enclosure has received some retooling to fix problems from the current models. Supporting this, one reader reports that Apple has no aesthetic parts for the current PowerBooks in its inventory, at the moment.
SKU information reveals that the revised PowerBook, known at Apple as P25, may be able to accept two DIMMs of up to 512 MB each, and will have two different optical drives in the product line. The P92 iBook will have 128 MB of RAM and three different optical drives offered across the line.
One insider claims that the new PowerBook could be anywhere from one-half pound to a full pound lighter, although that may be due to the new hard drive or a revamped battery.
Multiple sources said that a 667 MHz PowerBook would serve as the high-end model, with one saying that it will have a CD-RW but not a combo drive. Also, two sources mentioned 500 MHz for the low-end PowerBook, with DVD, and 600 MHz for the new iBooks.
Additionally, varying PowerBook and iBook specifications have been circulating on the web since Thursday, with MacUser now reporting that Tuesday will bring new iBooks at 600 MHz but no CD-ROM option, while the PowerBook G4s will be boosted to 667 MHz, with the addition of CD-RW drives and possibly a combo drive to the lineup.
Think Secret has also learned that in the near future, the low-end $799 iMac will ship with 128 MB of RAM, instead of 64 MB.
there was something on macintouch and cnet yesterday. Seems today is the day for new TiBooks and iBooks.

I just hope that the TiBooks get a superdrive.

One thing. Cnet says the cd-rom version of the iBook will be discontinued. While I don't care as I wouldn't buy one w/out at least DVD playback, that model was really winning over low-end buyers. Therefore, a price reduction seems in order as well...