NEW PowerBook G4 2002's will Kick X-ass


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... from my friends at The Register ...

If it [NEW PowerPC 7440 600MHz/700MHz chips!] fails, it may not matter too much, since our source implies the new chip is simply being used to speed-bump the PowerBook before completely new models - described as a "big revision" - are launched next year at Macworld Expo Tokyo, the traditional venue of Apple's PowerBook announcements.

That machine will be based on Apollo, Motorola's third-generation of G4-class PowerPC. Apollo - aka the PowerPC 7460 - is, we hear, coming off the production line and demonstrating good, early yields, up to 1.33GHz. The higher clock speed's impact on power consumption is likely to be balanced by better power management and a more compact 0.13 micron, silicon-on-insulator chip fabrication process.

Our source tells us the new PowerBooks are likely to appear towards the end of this month. Certainly some sort of upgrade is expected shortly following Apple's inventory-clearing price cuts made at the start of September. UK channel sources tell us that Apple's key distributors, Computer 2000 and Ingram, have no stocks of 400MHz or 500MHz PowerBook G4s, though both note that's due to change any day now. Nor is the complete absence of machines in any way untypical.
Whatever. The register seems to be a bit too optimistic for me. What about those 1.6 Ghz G5 next January? After the G4 fiasco, I'll believe it when I see it. :rolleyes:

I really hope that clock speeds can get higher fast. Windows laptops are now at 1.1 Ghz I think. Apple needs to move fast.

When Apple reaches 1Ghz with 32mb video card, I will update my TiG4.
How about a power book with more than 8megs of video ram?

the lowest end $999 dell laptop has 8megs of video ram. The high end has 32... why are we at 8?

Even 16 isn't that great... and if apple updates the lcd screens, we could have 1600x1200 on a laptop, like those viao people...
The TiBook's screen is about *perfect* for a designer's work. It's the best. The notebook has enough screen real estate for your palettes *and* your document, and still the 'book is light enough to be called a portable. You've *got* to read the following article:

It shows very well why a wide screen with the current resolution of the TiBook is perfect right now.

Where the TiBook fails is: Heat (it's simply too hot), Keys on Screen (like with Pismo, you can read the keys from your screen after a while), Power (I'm glad though that my /500 has been the best around for this long) ;)
Lets see them G5 machines with dual processor at 1.6Ghz each and bluetooth wireless and DVD record drives...and a max of 5Gb RAM he he he.. YEAH BABY!
megahertz myth aside...

by the time we have **up to** 1.3 GHz, the wintel world will be running their entry level laptops at 3 GHz...

I am pessamistic, but I am also running OS X 10.1 on a 500 MHz new iBook and it is frikkin slow. I work on a crappy 400 MHz celery machine at work with win 2k and it seems to run about the same speed...

flame away. :)
even tho you gave permission, i dont like flaming however:

Mac OS X makes use of G4's extra abilities, and the G3 is sorta sluggish for that reason... and of course, an iBook uses a G3 processor... just to say so.. :)

Oh yeah, and... pretty soon I'll be able to add this to my sig:

TiBook 400MHz - 512MB RAM - 20GB HDD - Mac OS X 10.1 and 9 - AirPort Card

:-D :-D :-D I'm so thrilled. Oh and, did I mention, that half my town is wired for AirPort becuz of the college.... well, yeah :-D :-D kick ass :)
yeah, I look forward to the day I can utilize the g4!! until then, I will have to put up with the sluggish g3.

Funny how a couple of years ago there was nothing faster than a 500MHz g3!
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Damn u! I am so envious ;)
Why dont u wait for the "new powerbooks" to come out ? he he he

Hey now! :p I have a very slow computer now.... So this powerbook will help out a hella lot, but I'm not in the mood to wait anymore ;) The only reason I'm getting the powerbook is because I was gonna get a G4 867 but then, I went to an Apple Store, and got to hold a Powerbook... and it was amazingly light, and it was so speedy!