new powerbook g4


I'm expecting my new machine today, I'm looking for suggestions on the best paritioning options of a 20 gig HD for OS 9.1 and OS X.

I also have a TiBook with 20gb hardrive. I set mine up with a 2-3gb (I don't remember exactly, and I'm at work) for OS9 and the rest OSX.

But I only use OS9 to play dvds. If you use OS9 more, I would probably not suggest that setup.

If you don't use OS9 at all, you could probably use less. I do not know the miniumum size OS9 can install on.

I would go 5 and 15 with the larger portion going to X, unless you really need every single bit of memory, it couldn't hurt much to give 9 some more memory, in case the OS X partition corrupts. That extra room on the 9 partition could save you. Anyways, who cares about the partition, the important part is that you have a TiBook, hottest computer on earth.
With my 20MB TiBook, here's what I'd like to do (I have to find out how to back up stuff first, now):
<li>2-3GB partition for /System and /Library for OS X</li>
<li>300MB partition for a dedicated swap file</li>
<li>The rest for a minimal OS 9 install and all other Applications and such</li>
With this setup, you'd have to do some symbolic linking to point to the appropriate /Applications directory and such, so I wouldn't suggest you do this unless you're familiar with funky Unix things.

I wouldn't want to give OS 9 its own partition because I'd rather just stick it in some forgotten corner of an existing partition and not waste the space that comes from too many partitions. But that's just me.

Good luck and congratulations.

Just got a brand new iBook 3 weeks ago. it's a beautiful unit.
I recommend it to anyone who can't aford the TiBook!

Anyone from Canada? Where to get the best prices on RAM?


Just be careful that you get the appropriately-sized 1.5" SO-DIMM RAM sticks, not the 2" ones.

Apparently SO-DIMM (laptop ram) comes in different heights and the TiBook needs the 1.5" sticks. The iBook needs 1.25" I think, but check the Apple support areas for How to Upgrade Your RAM to make sure you get the right stuff.

as a matter of fact i dont suggest any partition at all. macosx is very well able to handle the harddrive very efficiently and if you should ever really have to boot from another source than where you're macosx sits, just use the system cd. plus!
i furthermore suggest:
FORMAT your HD prior to installing macosx and do NOT install Mac OS 9. that's what i did. you will be prompted during the installation of x that no 9 system folder could be found, which is necessary for all the classic applications *which suck SO badly that you don't even WANNA use them* and that you can install it later on. but that's it.
i got my Powerbook in...uhm...march i believe...and of course had 9 on it and all my applications. but figured very quickly that classic simply stinks. and it got to the point where i DREADED the lil classic 9 icon to show up in my dock when it got launched by x. so! unless you really truly NEEEEEEED to use old applications that HAVE to run under classic. just do NOT install 9, work merely under x and wait for the carbon or even better cocoa versions to show up. might take a while, but that's the price you gotta pay for sitting on the edge of technology. bottom line:
suggestion from me:
1) do NOT install macos9
2) then do NOT partition your HD
3) if you HAVE to have 9, still dont part. the HD

may the god of enlightening wisdom and thunder strike you with a bolt,

The God of Irons,
me not MacOS user - coming from Linux, FreeBSD & Solaris background. personal opinion: strongly recommond the creation of a "user home directories" partition, apart from wherever you install everything else as this is dead handy for back ups, OS upgrades/re-installs and can help in data recovery in case of biggish filesystem crashes (especially if you keep a copy of the partition boot records elsewhere).

Originally posted by bitburn
Just got a brand new iBook 3 weeks ago. it's a beautiful unit.
I recommend it to anyone who can't aford the TiBook!

Anyone from Canada? Where to get the best prices on RAM?



For the cheapest and good qualilty memory look at They make there own memory for Mac, Sun Sparc Station, cisco routers, compaq, hp, ibm unix servers.

I have 128 in my wifes ibook, and 256 in my cube. I bought lots of memory from these guy, never a hick up, fast shipping. I have even purchase sun processor used, they all worked great and are supported.

128 MB for an ibook is about $40 US
I strongly recomend placing os x and os 9 on different partitions, simply because if either needs to be re-installed, you can just format that partition.

If they are on the same partition, you can't uninstall os x.

Its also worth noting that most programs with unix or linux heratige will insist on being installed where the rest of the system is - that is,
or /usr

But like someone has allready said, you can allways make symbolic links and therefore place your apps on a different partition.

Also, don't try and place os x on anything less than 2.1 gb. Thats what you will need if you install the developer tools (strongly recomended).

I ended up with: 5gb os x, 1gb os 9, 34 gb extra (for my applications and mp3/mpegs). Yeah, thats 40gb.

Hope that helps.