New Pro Keyboard will not work on OS X


I have a new Pro keyboard with a Kensington turbo ball plugged into it, and it is plugged into my hub(Macally powered hub) along with a palm cradle,a scanner and a simply postage device. It all works fine running OS 9 but does not respond when in OS X. I just got the new keyboard and until then I was using an ADB keyboard and the turbo ball was running thru the hub and everything worked fine.I tried plugging the keyboard directly into the back of the box and it still does not work. I plugged the turbo ball directly into the box and it works fine in OS X. The ADB keyboard works fine in OS X.
Try this, if you haven't already:

Disconnect all of the extra USB hardware you have, and just plug in the keyboard (and maybe the trackball) into the back of the computer.
Now, restart your machine.

I have read somewhere that unsupported (ie: doesn't yet work in OS X) hardware, especially USB hardware, can interfere with kernel level IO. Restarting without the hardware fixed the problem.

I read about this in reference to the audio drivers. Perhaps this has no applicability to the keyboard or mouse drivers, but it's worth a shot. If you are comfortable with the terminal, here's a way to check this: (if you hate the idea of a command line in a mac, just ignore this part).
su to root and run "kmodstat" -- if it tells you that anything is unrecognized (or something like that), that means that something is somehow interfereing with the proper loading of some IO drivers.
Of course, just restarting without the excess stuff will also tell you if that was to blame.

Hope this helps, and sorry it took me so long to think of this.


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I have a pro keyboard and mouse and both work fine uder OSX.

No, the extra keys will not work under OSX. That is something that needs to be added to the OS. I doubt it is yet,but I'm sure it will be. You can rest assured that anything Steve says at a keynote will be well supported.