New Screenshots!


Alpha version 2 build R201 was finished today, with a few new features. It's still a very early alpha, but I hope to have a beta released by December 1st! So expect to see something more from me later on.

Implamented new planetary atmospheres, the ability to cloak a ship, multiplayer beginnings, and infinate stars.
It's a 3rd person space game. :)
But looks like crap right now, I'm building some new ship models today, so that should help.

Currently the game is being designed by a new company (Sason Entertainment) and is currently being build under the code name: Project Free Fall.
jdog: yes i am. Co-founder infact. :)
You MUST see the updated screenshots:

Earth - better "star" system installed

Jupiter - has entered the game

Mars - with new atmosphere effects

Jupiter - gassy planet atmosphere

Mars - constantly improving textures

All comments are welcome. We are currently at version Alpha 4 of the game development. A website is being designed.
Originally posted by flaming_pig_boy
the screen shots look sort of promising.

do you get to blow stuff up? lots of stuff?


There are enemy ships you can blow up. There's multiplayer support. And you can blow up radioactive meteors. :)
Sounds like a 3d version of EV... is it? if so, lemme beta test... if not... I'll get to work on making a 3-d EV-style game, or at least suggest it to Ambrosia
Joseph: Actually it's pretty close! We were talking with Ambrosia about merging for the project and making an Escape Velocity 4, but the idea didn't go through and Ambrosia said they would end the EV series with Nova (3). So that's out of the picture.

And we need TONS of beta testers. Though we are not in those stages right now we will need them, probably 7-12 of them to be exact. We need people with OS 9 and OS X. Mainly OS X though so...yea. Stay tuned for more information on beta testing.