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OK, zip disks and CD-RWs & DVDs do it for me. ( I also acknowledge that some are using optical disks, some super floppies, DVD-R/DVD-RW, tape, Jazz and Orb for floppies (both 3.5 & 5.25) I hvaent used one in 4 years ).

Small question though. How come the potential of mini discs has not been taken advantage of? I mean you can get up to 90 minutes of audio, and thus I assume up to 800Mb of data on them. They are re-writeable and fast at doing so (I dont think that people would spend the $$$ to get a portable MD player if it took em forever to get their music on)

IN markets like japan the audio tape is no more, it has gone the way of the 8 track (I wish I could find an 8 track tape for my collection though :p) and I for one, as a music-phile and hobbyist DJ, would welcome the demise of the audio tape. But besides that point, MDs are becoming more popular these days, with the ability to hook em up to a USB port and put your MP3s on. Why not use them to store data as well ???

They seem to be fast drives, with great capacity, re-writeability, and most important of all, they dont take up a lot of space....

so.... why not have an MD data drive ??? (or portable player/recorder that does music and data?)

Can anyone explain this to me ??
What is your opinion ?

PS: as a side not I have used CDR/CDRW/mini CDR, zip, jazz, tape, DVD and optical I am not that biased lol ... except when it comes to size ;) mini CDs are nice but only provice 185Mb of space... bummer!
Personally, I'm looking forward to Dataplay disks. 500MB in a disk the size of a quarter.
I'm looking forward to FMD-ROM's. 1 TB on a first Generation disc that is the size of a CD. Oh Yeah!!!
No joke. Its developed by a startup company called C3D. Check it out for yourself!!!!



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All this is making me start drool ......
I want these LOL :p

(I wonder what I could do with a 1 TB disc .... its not like I have 1 TB of data ..... hmmmm trade lots and lots and lots of music videos & MP3 with friends :p )

Originally posted by fink8
I'm looking forward to FMD-ROM's. 1 TB on a first Generation disc that is the size of a CD. Oh Yeah!!!

According to the site it will only be 25-140 GB on the first generation. The 140 would be good for backing up all my HDs :). THis will be interesting to see. I just hope they make a Mac compatible product.
Sorry, your right. They said the finished product will hold a max of 1TB. Sorry again. By the time this is out 160GB will be a small hard drive. haha. I have 2 30gb and 1 40gb harddrive already, plus an orb 2.2gb. I got it for backup purposes. Than I kept getting bigger ahrd drives. Now it plays metallica mp3's. BTW, anyone hear anythig about Castlewood's 5.7gb orb?
You could just get a superdrive (assuming you have $5k lying around) and back up to DVDs;). How much does a DVD-R disk hold. DVDs are supposed to hold up to 20 GB but I doubt the DVD-R disks do.
I thought DVDs could hold up to 17Gb .... maybe they uped the capacity lol...
I do know that DVDs are double sided double layered though ;)
Speaking of buying new mac equiptment, does anyone know where I can get a real cheap G4 setup. Under $750. I don;t need RAM, Hard Drive, Vid Card, Monitor. Basically jus tthe Mobo, case, and processor. I will add the rest myself. really need a mac for school. Help would be appreciated.
> why not MD as data storage?

There are MD data storage devices; they are not especially successful because MD is about 170 Megs only, and more expensive (and slower) than a 250 Meg Zip. Remember, MD audio compression is comparable to (high bitrate) mp3.

Okay, MD is smaller than a Zip, but it's smaller in all respects (except price :(

MD recording is also more durable than Zip recording, but so is a normal CD-R(W), at a fraction of a cost (economy of scale).
YOu are probably thinking of the Mini CD which is an 8cm CD that holds 185Mb of data (or 21 minutes of audio). I have several mini CD-Rs which I have bought to record small stuff. They do not cost a lot they cost less than a buck.

MiniDiscs are an other thing. THey are in acasing AFAIK and up to now they have only been used for music.

No, he's right AK. Sony made MD data drives for a while. They looked like those real old IBM external 1x cd-rom drives(with the cd-caddies). It was an expensive solution. The only reason why you can squeeze all that music on an MD is because or the audio format. ATRAC II I believe. They are similar though to mini cdr's. BTW, mini cd-r's rule for mp3's.
Interesting, I never knew that ( see! you rally do learn something new everyday).
I figured that since you can fit 90min on sich a small disc data should have been a snap lol. apparently I was wrong :)

I use mini cd-rs for MP3s and music videos. Some people ask me for one song, or a few songs. Why waste a good 700Mb CD-R ? Just use a smaller one (and girls think they are cute so you can score some points with the ladies lol .... )

Just out of curiosity,
does anyone here use superdisks(120Mb), DAT, 5.25" floppies, microdisks (the 340Mb variety), Jaz, or MO drives in their daily lives ?

Also ANY idea when dataplay are gonna be released ??? I am REALLY intreagued by them (also wonder what the price is going to be per disc )

My uncle has 2 jaz drives. They suck. The orb drives are faster, just as reliable, and cheaper. I've seen MO drives. Just like a cdr. A little slower, can be used like a floppy. Not worth it. Microdisks? Never heard of them. Friend has an internal superdisk drive. It rocks. A little slower than the internal zip. My money is gonna go with the new UltraSuperdisk Drive. It is able to format a superdisk to hold 240 megs and will be able to format regular floppies to hold 32 megs. Compro is making an mp3 player that will play these. Never used a DAT for data purposes, only audio. I used to use 5.25" floppies to save school work, but got tired of the slow speed and started to use the internal zip. I don;t think optical storage will ever be used as a floppy alternative. Your best bet is with a removable disk drive like an orb or an UltrSuperdisk drive. Optical media will never become a floppy type disk alternative. All those optical cd-like discs will just be used for multimedia in my opinion. I think we will continue to see higher and higher capactity removable floppy be used as standard removable media.