New Theme in Production


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We have a NEW THEME in production, it will blow this one out of the water. With the launch of the new theme, we will also a new selection of smilies, frownies, and burpies. :p

The current theme will remain an optional selection for those who really like it or don't like the new theme.

No date on the launch, but wanted to give our contributing members a heads up on upcoming additions & changes.


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Please don't make it just like Aqua...or am I going against the " theme"? He he. As long as it kicks as much a** as it does now, I will not complain.


I think we should be able to pick our own theme. I mean almost everything here ( i have the brown / tan theme ) is just a hex color. So in my preferences you could put in a few input fields. Text color, subject color, background color and things like that. Then, by default, it'd be a generic theme, but if i wanted i could put in CCFFCC or whatever. How about that? Could we do that?


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Well, I am a firm believer in presenting a given "image". Imagine if McDonalds changed the color of their logo 5 times a day. That would be weird.

The new theme will be our new image, but the old theme will be available for those who prefer this theme over the new one.


Nice work on the new theme. I love every part of it except for the image: . When it shows up in a thread, it goes against a grey background and the white background of the image stands out. Also, I am not digging the oval thing. Maybe you could fix both of these concerns by making it a rectangle. It's you're call, though. ;)