new tiger install - finish indexing before system update?


Hello all -- nice to find this place...

On a fresh install of tiger, is it best to immediately update to 10.4.1 (or whatever's most current at the time), or to let 10.4.0 finish indexing, and *then* perform the update?

many thanks in advance for any thoughts/ideas...

I inistalled and let indexing finished then update. Also I installed other and immediately updated and work fine. Either way will works.
Hmm... my paranoid side would let it finish indexing first... then again... that's my paranoid side. Either way it shouldn't technically matter. I'd just do everything in one fell swoop.
hmmm... It's my paranoid side that posted this question in the first place! Thanks for the thoughts guys. haven't heard of any problems either way, but was just wondering.