New Tiger-Lost iPhoto!


I have just installed OS X 10.4 on my powerbook G4. I was running OS X 10.3.8 previously.
I used to use iPhoto and now it is not on the new Tiger system.
Does this really mean that I have paid for the privilege of Tiger but in the process lost iPhoto. I do not want to spend the money to get iLife. Is there a way to download iPhoto v.4, and if so will it work with Tiger?

Did you back up your data before installing Tiger ?
Did you do a clean install or install and archive ?
Is it the only app you "lost" in the upgrade process ?

AFAIK iPhoto 4 should work with tiger and upgraded it here

You should have a 30 day test version of iLife '05 along with Tiger, it's a good upgrade from '04 and if you like it, I'd buy it ...
I saved my iPhoto library to an external drive.
I did an 'erase and install'. Wanted a clean slate...

That link says it is an upgrade. Do I need to get v4 on there first?
If you lost iPhoto '04 in the process of installing Tiger (clean install, probably), you can simply reinstall it from its original media. Either you have the iLife '04 DVD or the disk that was originally used to set up your computer. Simply reinstall that specific software package.
thanks fryke. would iPhoto v4 definitely be compatible with Tiger...?

you don't know about Microsoft Office vX by the way? (worked great with Panther...)