new to macs

ian cashman

i have a panther install thhat was upgraded to tiger.

i deleted some applications out of the applications folder. i now realise i wanted ichat on there. is there a way to reinstall/delete applications using the install disks? if not, how do i get ichat back on there. the one i downloaded off the apple site says it doesnt work with tiger.. :(
You could run the OS installer and deselect everything from the install list except for iChat. There is a way to extract installer bundels from the Tiger DVD/CD's but I don't know off hand what program to use. Also, try digging around the Tiger DVD, an iChat installer package may be available seperatly.
Tiger Software reinstall

# Insert the Mac OS X Install disc that came with your computer.
# Double-click "Install Bundled Software Only."
# Follow the onscreen instructions as follows:

1. Select the destination.
2. Click Continue.
3. Click Upgrade to install all the applications or click Customize to select which packages to install.
4. If you click Customize, you'll see a list of applications that you can select to install, or deselect to not install