New to OS 10.3.9 and I have questions.


I work with a lot of photos and have used OS 9.2.2 up until now. I notice, OS 10.3.9, that the photos in my folders open in an application named "Preview". They open in a small size and when I click in the upper right corner of the window they become too large. Is there a way to disable "Preview" and have them open in the 100 % size that I saved them in? You know like OS 9.

Is there a way to get rid of the "Dock"?

Quicksilver G4, 867 Mhz, OS 10.3.9, 640 MB RAM,



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In OS9, the usual application to open a photo at full size was Quicktime. To make your photos automatically open in Quicktime, control-click one of your photos and select "Get Info". Once you have this window open, click the "Open With..." arrow and select "Quicktime Player". Then click the button that says "Change All". Now all photos of that type will open in Quicktime. If you have different types of photos (ex. jpeg, tiff, etc), you will have to do this for each type of photo.

To kill the dock, check out this thread.

It sounds like you are fairly new to OSX however, and maybe killing the dock so early wouldn't be a good idea. Once you get familiar with it being there, it can be quite usefull. And if it just gets in the way sometimes, all you have to do is control-click the space next to the trash can and spring and select "Turn Hiding On"


Yes! Thank you. I was clicking on the opened image and that didn't work, but the unopened image yielded a window which had the "Get Info" selection. The Quicktime images were small also, so I tried Photoshop Elements 3 and they come at 100 %. I just started using Photoshop Elements3 which is why I had to move up to OS 10.3.9. Maybe you know this. In PS 3 there is a gray area around the image when opened. The frame was right at the edge of the image in Photoshop Elements, but in 3 there is a gray area and I cannot get the frame to fit around the edges of the image. Is there a way to get rid of the gray when the images opens?

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one thing i found recently, and now use constantly, is the docks ability to open files by drag'n'drop (i also realise now this is standard for most os). this is more useful when you can, in your situation, have preview, quicktime, photoshop, safari, IE, firefox etc all in the dock (a useful, tidy place for all your most used apps, that other OS don't have) for all the different uses of your images. browsing - drop it onto preview. proofing - drop it onto QT. Editing - drop it onto photoshop. check for web compatibility - drop it onto the browsers.

also, for icon view in finder, show preferences and set it to show 128x128 icons with file preview turned on - very useful for folders full of images/multimedia. then set this for all folders, and you can easily switch from tidy, browsing-efficient column view, to the intuitive image-finding preview view with a click of the view buttons in finder.

Welcome to MacOS X.

PS, seriously, find ways to use expose other than F9 F10 F11. i have mine set to middle mouse for all windows, and the bottom two hotcorners for show desktop and show application windows. my productivity shot through the roof when i realised i could have 20 windows open and find any in the time it took to think about wanting to get another window. i want that other file. click-whoosh-click. nice. it becomes second nature now to work in photoshop with 5 files and drag and drop between files by throuing the mouse to the left corner and back into play. becomes second nature. amazing, truly why i love OSX.