New to OS X, how do I burn an Audio CD?


I am new to OS X, and I wanted to know how everyone burns Audio CDs under OS X? I am used to having a PC w/ two drives and burning on the fly. How do I do this in OS X. Do I need to mount an image, and how does this work exactly?

Also, is it possible to burn Video DVDs under OS X, or in general, and how would you do that?

Thanks for the help.

Im running 10.1

Toast is pretty smart in knowing you only have one drive installed and when you tell it to copy, it'll read the source disk then ask you for the destination disk.

Works well. Although if I made more than a couple of copies a year, I'd be pissed.

It sucks that the only way to burn disk to disk on a Mac is to get an external FW or USB drive (I know there is other ways, but I'm talking non-warranty-voiding). I have been known to connect another drive to the IDE bus with the G4 tower door open and hold it while I made copies. Watch it though - the CPU doesn't get cooled in this config. Hey, I was desperate, k?