new to Perl


Im am new to programming. In fact im also new to apple computers. I just got my first mac with mac os x on it. Along with many other things im very intrested in learning Unix and some programming. Can any one help me learn Perl or maybe even C++. The only I ask is because most people suggest you read a book or some other long document. I learn better doing hands on "lessons?". Is there such thing out there? Also which programming style do you suggest. Perl, C++, C, basic ??? Thank you every one.
what do you want to do by programming? What you choose really depends on what you want to achieve at the end of the day. If you are new to programming, I would probably recommend basic to start with. It is easier to learn at the beginning but will allow you to get your head around the necessary programming concepts that are instrinsic to (most) programming languages. You can then move onto C++, or whatever you want, dependant upon your requirements. For example, I use perl script quite a bit to create command line utilities for parsing information that have been created from logs on my web site. Perl script is great for that, and it is very quick to develop and is platform (on the whole) independant, which means that I can give it to my colleagues who are on wintel/linux platforms. C++ could do the same thing, but it would take longer to write, I would have to compile it and it wouldn't be as transportable. However C++ is way better for developing server applications and applications that require more serious number crunching. Perl script could never so that. Please note that I am distinguishing between Perl and Perl script - I am less familiar with Perl.

O'Reilly has 2 good books, Practical C Programming and Learning Perl that you should get.
For some introductory lessons online, try <a href=""></a>. Metrowerks' website has classes and tutorials in C and C++. You can get into <a href=",1168,70_26111__,00.html">this course</a> right now, for free. Of course, they're going to push their products at you, but it doesn't really make much difference.

If you are completely new to programming, you might want to try Java or Basic just to get the fundamental concepts down. Once you get proficient it won't be too hard to pick up obj-C or Perl.

Thank you everyone who posted. To answer your question im not sure where im taking this. Right now im in the law enforcment field and of coarse im looking for better field possible a carrer change. I have always loved computers. But after highschool I jumped at the first thing I could and well here I am now. But now I have time to learn a new career. A friend sat down with me about a week ago and showed me some C++ programs he has wrote. Of coarse that sparked my intrest. The only reason I was working on perl is because it came with mac os x. i happen to find it in CLI mode. Since im new to unix to im not sure where to find other stuff I need. Like C++ compilers, ect... But thanks to every one.