New unlined theme


I'll be honest, Ive been using OSX for a while, religously since it was released, I have been away from my computer for a week, the person I was with had a mac but no OSX, and to be honest...I miss OS 9. Sure there are some features I really like about OS X, but man OS 9 really kicks.

Hey, program some pop up windows and disable the dock!!!:rolleyes:
where did you get the picture that's displayed in in your screenshot?
you've often had cool pictures in your screenshots... where did you get them?
thanks... :)
In fact, I collected a lot of them from sites on the internet (I didn't keep the names ...) but I put some of them on line at my "foutoir" or there for the ones from the spanish civil war.I have other from soviet propaganda or from french posters from the 30's. I may put them online too.

if u can put the soviet stuff up :D I would be itnerested in sing them ;)


PS--> Lechat.jpg est drole :p hahahahaha :p
nice picture collection you've got up there ... :)
i'd like to see the soviet ones, too ... if you remember where you found them, let us know... i've been looking, but i didn't really find too much ...
thanks, pierre ;)
If you havent discovered XMorph it is very easy to use, comes with themes for OSX and is very easy to get back the original Aqua theme from apple!
Do some development with this app and release new themes!!
It does come with a development tool (i think)!?

check it out at

this is a very good app, it works smoth in 10.0.4
I tried both XMorph and MetamorphX and I feel that MetamorphX is cleaner, it doesn't install files everywhere on your hard disk and it comes with a lot of themes too :)
Anyway, when I create themes, I only use ResEdit and Theminator, it is the easiest thing.


Well I haven't noticed any problems.
Actually I have used your tangerine theme, it is by far my favoratie so far, however there are some quarky things that happen when using the theme, in 10.0.3 some buttons are missing in different apps that should be there, however I don't know if it would make a difference in 10.0.4, I havent tried your tangerine theme in 10.0.4 yet? Also, there isn't a very convienant way to change themes, like in XMorph and other programs; can I add your theme to the list of themes in XMorph or any other programs for quick switching?

I must say, I haven't tried to use my theme with XMorph or with MetamorphX. Anyway, the bugs you are talking about come from Theminator (I use to make themes with it) and I released a new version of the theme (which you can download on my page). It adds some new features:
- New Apple Menu icon
- No round corners anymore for the menu bar
- No more bugs because of Theminator

It works with 10.0.4, trust me :D

hey does that work also with the tangerine theme, I mean no errors?
cuse' that's why I took it off! I love it though and would definetely like it back on my tangerine iBook!
Yes, it does, when I saw that there was a "bug" with Theminator, I modified all my themes with ResEdit in order to fix this.
So YES, you can use the Tangerine theme that is on my page.

basically when the theme is implemented under 10.0.3 there are some missing buttons in apps, as well as some unclean the throbing buttons etc...other than that no complaint.
I think pierre has done a great job with the themes but as all themes are at this point, they are hacks so they wont be perferct :), and they wont work under all versions of X.. only the most recent ;) (or in whatever version he's tested them in)
Thank you Admiral :cool:
Now I've passed my exams, I'll be able to spend more time on it, after my holiday, of course :D