newbe : Network internet issue G3



As you will come to understand when you read this thread, I am a mac newbe. In fact, I have never even touched one until I received a G3 the other day.

Anyway. heres what I have I think. you can yell, scream, roll your eyes, whatever..

A G3 - 233 running os 8.6. Ethernet card. 6gb hd.

Anything else you need to know you will have to explain in simple terms, (see spot run terms)

Heres the problem, I know that my ethernet card is running. it has the ip of ..... The router is

Someone please walk me through the steps of seeing why this is not working with the internet.

Thank you

Do you have the gateway set on the Mac to If you don't set that, you will not be able to get to the Internet (which I'm assuming is what you want to do). Also, make sure you add the DNS entries from your ISP onto the nameserver section on the Mac. This is in the TCP/IP Control Panel, the same place where you input the IP, subnet mask, and gateway.

BTW, is the Mac receiving this IP dynamically? If so, then you need to set your DHCP server (or the router if it's serving out IPs dynamically) to supply the gateway and DNS information to all the machines that are requesting a dynamic IP address. The above instructions were in the case that you were setting the IP information manually on the Mac.
Thank you for the quick response.. The router and mac are already set for DHCP.. I looked at the TCP/IP settings and saw that my mac ip was at so I got onto my xp and tried pinging it. It said that the ping timed out.. I think I am going to try a direct connection to the internet.. and once I can get that up and running, then I will work on the networking part..

As you can see, I am a mac newbe just like I said in my original post..
Out of curiosity, what kind of ethernet card is it. Is it the built in one? It's possible that the extension is disabled. Open Extensions Manager and check under Extensions for the Ethernet extension. It should say something like Apple Ethernet Built-In or something like that. If it's a PCI card, you might need to download Mac Classic drivers for it (if it's not already supported by those included by Apple). I had to do this on a StarMax that had a Realtek 8139 ethernet card in it. Once I downloaded the drivers and installed them, I was good to go.
Go to Apple's site and search for Network Software Installer in the Downloads section. That SHOULD have the software that you need for the built-int NIC if it's not in the Extensions folder....once I get home I will check my StarMax to see what the actual name of the extension is and post back with the info.
Still having problems connecting to the internet with my g3.. I had connected for a bit when i first got the machine.. Then I had to reboot, and now nadda..

I have the tcp/ip set for dchp or dhcp or whatever it is.. its D something..

now when I log onto the router via my xp, I do a device scan and the mac is not showing up..

this has really got me flustered.. AS you can probably tell..
Unfortunately with the older versions of Mac OS (Pre-X), you won't see them in My NEtwork Places. And those that are running OS X have to have Windows Sharing enabled to be detected by Windows machines as available for sharing.

If you are trying to scan with a program that scans for computers on the network (something like nmap), if it doesn't have an IP then it's not going to find it.

BTW, I checked on my StarMax and the name of the extension is Apple Ethernet Built-in. It should be there might have to doa custom install from the Mac OS install CD and have it reinstall all the networking extensions again. It might have gotten corrupted or something.

It could also be the NIC. Have you tried installing another PCI network card in there to test?
No I havent.. Kindof nervous about opening up the G3.. Never opened one before.. Have opened a pc NUMEROUS times.. *shruggs*

The ip scan I was doing was directly off the router.. went to the browser on my xp.. typed in the ip of the router.. did the scan directly from the router..
The built in networking card is showing in the extensions.. And its enabled..

as soon as I get the other network cards in the mail I will try slapping one in it..

I am also going to get an upgraded cd rom.. And put a 80gig hd in it

Thanks for you patience
Quck update : I a setup my network manually.. The router is set with ip ***.***.*.1
my imac is set with ip ***.***.*.6

The router sees it (I did a device scan via the router admin access page)

When I try to go access the internet the imac says "a connection failure has occurred"
I am still running 8.6 on a 233 imac..