newbie : iDVD problems...


I've recently got my first Mac (Powerbook G4) and I'm totally loving it... gradually presuading everyone I meet that all things Apple are the coolest things ever.... however, my quest to convert the world is hitting a slight problem at the moment as I am having a few dramas with iDVD. Basically I've made a really great slideshow in iDVD of about 500-600 photos with a cool soundtrack, it all looks and works great when you preview it, but then I burn it to dvd and when I play it back (both on my laptop and on a dvd player) there is a really annoying stuttering of the audio everytime the slides change. Any ideas?

I have created one slideshow on iDVD before which turned out really well (although the quality of the photos wasn't great)

Please help!


I'm guessing you are using iLife 05, yes? I've personally never had a problem with the quality(as of yet...knock on wood). I'll take a try at helping if I can.

What is the source for your audio. Imported sound clips from web, camera, cd or iTunes music etc?

The first thing I would check is the quality of the sound files. If that is all well (guessing it is because durring the preview it works fine you said) then I would try looking at the encoding method. They can be found in iDVD preferences and look under the general tab and try changing the Encoder setting.