newbie needs help, please!!


Considering Apple pride themselves on making their computers easy to use, you'd think they would be better at writing simple, easy to understand manuals. Jeez. Anyway, mini rant over. My problem is this:

I have installed Mac OS Server (Tiger 10.4) onto a G5 tower (with 160GB hard drive and a gig of ram). I've followed all the automatic set-up bits, including turning on AFP and iChat, and now have a server called Server, accessible at server.local. I have created Users for every computer in my company (14 users in total) and am able to connect to the server from every one of those computers. However, every file on the server is now classed as 'read only'. I changed the access privileges of the main folder on the server (called "concept and artwork") to be "read and write" for 'everyone' but it doesn't filter this access privilege down to all subfolders. If I click on another folder down the tree, that folder has reverted to "read only" again. I can't believe I am going to have to do this to every file on my server.

What have I done wrong? Why is the server being so protective about files and making evry single one read only?

I hopre someone here can point me in the right direction becasue I am gradually losing patience.

Kees Buijs

jontyhunter said:
I hopre someone here can point me in the right direction becasue I am gradually losing patience.

The workgroup allows you to re-apply the permissions to all files for the share. But I do not know for sure how to activate it (at least go to workgroup, sharing and select the share, then find the option and run it). I am now not capable of checking my server for the location of this option, but with some peeking around you should find it.

Otherwise let me know and i will check fhis on monday when i am back home from my (too short) vacation.

Good Luck, Kees


I'm not at my server right now, but I think I can help you out here. I had a similar problem, initially, but then I started "exploring" and found the solution.

In your workgroup manager, select Sharing, click on the particular folder you wish to set privileges, assign a user as the owner of the folder and set it to read/write and save. (Wait... there's more.)

That's as far as I had gotten, and like you, when I tried accessing the volume, all the folders within were locked despite setting it to read/write. So I dragged the user's name into the Access Control List found directly below the owner/group fields. I changed the permission there to full control (I wanted the user to have full control of their personal volume), then I highlighted the user's name in the Access Control List and in the pop-up menu below the ACL field, I selected the Propagate permissions (or something like that) and hit save. A window popped up asking for me to assign levels to the owner/group/everyone. I clicked all the boxes for the owner.

I hope that helps you.