Newbie question


Hi all,
This is really a simple question - when you are editing text in a edit box or text box, how do you move to beginning of a line and end of a line??
seems 'home' and 'end' key don't work. :(
Not sure if this is true in every application, but a number use Ctrl-right arrow to go to the end and Ctrl-left arrow to go to the beginning.
The up & down arrow keys work in single line edit fields, and command-left/right works for multiple line fields. The home & end keys should never move the insertion point on MacOS.
endian, for 99.9999% of the time that's true. However I can think of at least one case where I wish scrolling keys would move the insertion point: Explorer's url field when scrolling the results of a substring search.

Perhaps command-scroll key should move the insertion point |-)