The Capitain

Good afternoon every-one, not really new to Apple, (July 2014 with a mini Mac), now running an iMac- new in 2018, a MacBook Pro late 2011 and an Apple iPhone 8. I spent many years on the dreaded Windows and now very pleased I moved away; not sure yet if is UK based or else where?
In the not too distant future will be putting a SSD into my laptop, it seems a simple job but at the age of almost 85 it might turn out to be very daunting? Will keep you informed as time goes by! Question - would it be best to install OS X Lion or El Capitan (I have both on thumb drives); it will be a 'clean install' not a clone as there is nothing on the laptop I really need and feel a clean sheet might be the best option?
Very best regards from Keith in Derby England.
Growing old is inevitable - but growing-up is optional!
Go with the latest OS X - 10.11 El Capitan.
From my little black book you should be able to install 10.13 High Sierra.
Hello Cheryl, thank you for the reply. I have the same thoughts but seem to recall reading somewhere that it is best to return to the original OS under these circumstances ie new SSD or indeed HD. Hence my question in the first place; you see I am batting on a sticky wicket here doing a job so far advanced (for me that is). I have never put a screwdriver near my Apple outfits before my intended update. My iMac runs High Sierra as you might guess and I am still wondering about Mojave, not at all sure about it! Still that is for sometime in the future, more concerned about the laptop at the moment.
Once again thank you Cheryl, very best regards from Keith in Derby England.
Growing old is inevitable - growing up is optional!
Hi, for a cretin like myself who has never done any minor surgery on a computer I must admit to being quite proud of myself! The intended installation of a SSD in my MacBook Pro went amazingly well taking around two and a half hours (give or take 15mins or so). OK it was a clean install and just removing the back of the laptop almost caused palpitations this way; once into the swing of it I progressed quite well and now have the MacBook Pro running on a 250GB SSD with El Capitan as the OP system. Nothing else in there but, I will soon alter that given time.
Many thanks to Cheryl for your "support" only slight but never the less support.
Very best regards from Keith in Derby England.
Good morning Cheryl, The laptop is now not only sporting a new SSD but 16GB of ram as well. I had been told the MacBook Pro will accept 16GB even though Apple recommend only 8GB. That being so I decided to bite the bullet and splash out some extra gelt. Did the job in much less time than taking the back off; it runs like a dream now, super fast and I am very pleased with my efforts.
Very best regards from Keith in Derby England.