Hey, I'm not sure if I wanna convert to OSx. Is it easy to install and learn? Because I'm quite proficiant at OS9. :confused:
OS X is nothing to be afraid about
It is VERY easy to install and very fast! It takes about the same time as OS 9 to install (maybe even less). The interface is like in OS 9 except it has more features (and a few more keyboard shortcuts... I use keyboard shorcuts a lot in OS 9, and I do in os x too)

There is a terminal application which you can use if you want to enter unix commands but that is 100% optional :D if you dont want to learn unix you dont have to. (but eventually thrgouhg experimentation you will learn I guess, just like you learned stuff about OS 9 :) )

Wait for 10.1 to come out and the get it :) (if you want to take the leap that is)