Newer build of X and Rave games?


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has anyone with a newer build of X tried some Rave games like UT in classic?
I would like to know if they run fast enough to seriously being able to play them.
On public beta, UT wasn't playable at all (at least on my G3).

Also, Starcraft has some really strange colors in classic. It looks totally washed out. Is this fixed?

I know that the problem with Starcraft will probably be fixed as Blizzard wants to carbonize their games. But Westlake did not mention such plans until now.

I would hate to always have to boot into OS 9 for playing my games.
Do you think that the final version will be fast enough to emulate OS9 at a good enough speed so that games like UT are playable? If not, is there a way that game developers could have you download a file that would "carbonize" another program( i.e. UT)? That would be much more convenient.
The best thing in the short term would be to boot under OS 9.1x to play UT and other CPU-intensive games rather than attempt to run it through Classic.

After all, that's what the inclusion of OS 9.1 is all about...

As far as Carbonizing goes, Westlake Interactive (the company that converted UT to Mac OS) doesn't seem to have a very cheery outlook about X -- if they can be convinced to expend the effort (unfortunately for free) then it will happen.

BTW: I don't believe they will even attempt such a feat until X ships. even then, don't expect anything soon.
If you have the option, play Classic games with OpenGL. You'll get better acceleration and support for more OpenGL 1.2-specific features.

For example don't use UT RAVE, use UT OpenGL.

Also, buy more RAM
Originally posted by strobe
For example don't use UT RAVE, use UT OpenGL.
I have once tried Open GL UT in OS 9, and it run a little bit choppy. Every few seconds, it stopped for a moment.
I have a G3 450MHz with Ati Rage 128, and 512 MB Ram, 200 MB allocated to UT.

But I will surely try again using Open GL when my Radeon arrives, cause the lightning effects look better in Open GL.