NEWER Porcessor cards OS X in the works


Here is a clipping from Newer's site about their processor upgrade cards:

Newer Technology Announces OS X Compatibility

Defines Supported Products and Issues OS X Compatibility Warning
WICHITA, KS, USA-July 19, 2000-Newer Technology, the worldwide technology leader of Apple [NASDAQ: AAPL] Macintosh upgrades, formally announces compatibility with future operating systems for its CPU upgrade customers. Newer pledged support for OS X at the January 2000 MacWorld Expo show in San Francisco, and they are re-affirming their support today.

John Nelson, Newer's iPresident, stated, "Back in January we announced that we would do everything in our power to provide support for Apple's new operating system. It is what we have always done in the past and what we will continue to do in the future. The July 2000 MacWorld Expo seemed like the perfect place to once again re-affirm our support for OS X".

"Do to non-disclosure agreements we are not at liberty to discuss too much about OS X. I can say that we have it running on our MAXpowr G3-ZIF and G4-ZIF upgrades as well as the MAXpowr G3 and G4-PCI upgrades. I can also relay that it runs on our iMAXpowr G3 and G4 upgrades along with our new MAXpowr G3-PB PowerBook upgrades. I would strongly encourage all of our customers to come visit our website later this summer for additional information and downloadable software drivers", said Doug Johnson, VP Sales.

A statement on OS X compatibility is pending for Newer's MAXpowr G3-PDS 6100, MAXpowr G3-PDS 71/8100 and MAXpowr G3-L2 upgrades. As always, Newer is committed to providing peak performance for older Macs.
Darryl Hinshaw, senior hardware engineer, stated, "There is a bit of a misconception, among users, regarding OS X. People are continually asking me if our upgrades will support OS X. I always point out that the real question is whether OS X will support their computer. Apple has been very clear in their statements regarding OS X. They have said it will be supported on any Mac that originally shipped with a G3 processor. Technically that means OS X is not necessarily supported on 7300-9600 computers. That doesn't mean it won't runÉ it just means that Apple is not under any obligation to support those computers if they are running OS X. It is still too early to know how well OS X may, or may not, operate on those older computers. It is also a little to early to determine to what extent third-parties may be able to help out. I want to be sure people's expectations are in line with the reality of the situation. We are working on making our cards support OS X, but we can't say how well OS X will support the customer's older computer."

Newer Technology has consistently led the development of processor upgrades for Macintosh. Newer "firsts" include the first Power Macintosh processor upgrade, first G3 Power Mac processor upgrade and the first G3 processor upgrade for the PowerMac 6100, 7100 and 8100 series. Newer Technology has more than 15 years of experience and is the leading developer of performance upgrades for Apple PowerBooks and desktop Apple Macintosh computers and Mac OS compatibles. For more information, contact Newer Technology, Inc., 4848 W. Irving Street, Wichita, KS 67209; phone: +1 316-943-0222; fax: +1 316/943-0555; e-mail:, or visit the website at For international inquiries, please contact