Newly saved docs don't appear/ refresh prob?


Alright, here's another one to stump you guys (not that I'm trying to stump you, I'm just trying to get problems solved): When my mother saves documents in the AOL X beta to various folders on her desktop, they are saved. They appear in the open and save dialogue boxes. However, when she opens the folders in the finder, her documents do not appear there, and a log out is required to make them appear in the Finder. This is very annoying, and I heard there was a "refresh" command in the Mac OS X beta... which means Apple is aware of the problem. Yet when I go to AOL's "known issues" section, I see this....

¥ Various Mac OS X issues which Apple hasn't addressed yet (example: desktop and folder windows are slow to reflect changes / refresh display when items are saved/downloaded/deleted)

Yet... AOL is the only application whose documents have this problem.

Who is to blame and how do I get the windows to show the changes they should?
Try creating a new folder in the finder window, and dragging it across the screen a little, this usually causes the finder to refresh things for me. This usually is needed when I unstuff something.
thanks, although I wouldn't mind doing that, it's sure to drive her nuts.

Also, anybody also know if this problem is fixed in Mac OS 10.1 betas?
Whenever i download something to the desktops i cant see it until i bring the finder back to the front. Perhaps she could solve it that simply.