Newton and Classic mode success story


Fark Lover
I dusted off my Newton 2100 this week to try and get my life back in order after months of chaos. I wondered how well my trusty PDA of choice would perform now that I had Mac OS X installed as my main OS. Much to my delight, I found that with a Newton-compatible Ethernet PC Card, Classic mode, and NCU 1.0 installed I was able to upload new packages, backup my Newton, and save files without ever really leaving X!

I am go glad to be back using my green buddy and look forward to contributing here as much as I can!
Did you sync your Newton through your Ethernet card? Was that easy to setup? I would like to do that!
kainjow asked:
Did you sync your Newton through your Ethernet card? Was that easy to setup?
Yes and yes!

Assuming you already have a Newton-compatible Ethernet card installed and functional, the rest is especially easy.

1) If you haven't already, you'll need to install Newton Connection Utilities (NCU) which is available at (click and hold that link to download the software).

2) Physically connect the Ethernet cable from your Newton to your Mac [see NOTE below].

3) Open NCU on your Mac.

4) I'm not sure if you need to set AppleTalk to Ethernet in Mac OS 9 before you can connect via Classic Mode in X. If things aren't working for you, you might need to reboot into 9 once and make this change.

5) Open the Dock on your Newton.

6) Set the "Connect via" drop down menu to "AppleTalk" and the "Connect to" drop down menu to your Newton's Ethernet card.

7) Tap "Connect" and things should work.

NOTE: Depending on what kind of cabling comes with your Newton's Ethernet card, you might not be able to connect directly into the back of your Mac. When you connect two computers via Ethernet, you need to use a special kind of cable (a crossover cable) or connect using a hub. If you can't use a crossover cable between your Mac and Newton, connect both your Newton and Mac to a hub (like I had to do) and the transfer should work.

For more detailed info on this (including how to set up your Newton's Ethernet card and which cards are compatible with Newtons) check out the Newton FAQ.

If you don't already have an Ethernet card for your Newton, check eBay . They typically sell there for $20-$40.

Hope this helps!