Newton OS 3 dubbed 'Navi'

The Samsung phones are cool. They came out with the I3000 or whatever but I saw the MXXX (can't remember the #s) on display in Seoul. Nice. They are also making a really cool one but only in Korea. Maybe it'll make it here next year.


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Originally posted by apb3
Maybe it'll make it here next year.
Assume I'm in Korea, your post doesn't make sense.

Assume I'm in Europe, your post may make sense.

Assume I'm where you are (but why should you?), your post would make sense.

Guess you're American. Think I'm right.

Things I'm still missing in the real world today: The perfect mobile phone, the perfect PDA. I don't know whether Apple should take care of both these needs, but I think they could be the best company to take care of the second. Just today I was toying with a Cassiopeia Pocket PC 2002 device a friend of mine bought recently. I must say, the device has some niceties about it, but I still wouldn't buy one instead of my Sony N-770. The Sony does the best of what Palm OS ever was about. But both devices are nowhere near what I expect PDAs to be such a long time after the Newton was first introduced.

The worst thing that could happen? Apple rolls out a device based on the navi system and it'd still not be enough. But I guess I can rule that out...
Yes, the technology for making a Wunder apparatus is certainly around; so is the technology for sending a space ship to the next star. However, in today's market place even so-called alliances give rise to modest technology transfer at most, and the kind of break-through device you envisage demand an extensive pooling of resources. That will only happen through take-overs, and even then with some built-in intertia.

Looking at Apple history, there is little precedence for technology sharing of that kind. Joint development, yes (to wit: AirPort, MPEG-4), but not pooling of already developed technologies. On top of that, the kind of mould-breaking device you are sketching out has not appeared in Steve Jobs' second term of office: the iComputers are all ideas based on what Apple was at first - the iMac was a Macintosh in Emperor's dress, the Cube was mainly an engineering concept based on proven technologies, the new iMac was a re-release of the Cube... it's a matter of in-house hardware innovation capabilities, and these are limited at Apple (in contrast to the engineering capabilities).

Ah, yes, the iPod! Actually it's again a matter of applying clever engineering to proven technology mastered inhouse, with an infusion of enlightened design added. The revolutionary parts here, apart from the idea of Apple jumping categories and opening a new frontier in an emerging market, are merging the newest evolution of a proven technology (tiny harddisks) and the OS necessary for the market segment. As is well-known, the OS is licensed from a small company (but would have been made inhouse if the window-of-opportunity had been slightly larger) - it is NOT the result of technology sharing.

As for messaging (SMS), that is just as huge in Europe, but it is tied to old technology from a mature market sector, that of mobile phones. Apple wants control of its new technologies, and that necessitates the in-house capabilities I keep harping on. Thus, Apple's next devices will be evolutionary, too - but the result of combining present capabilities in new ways.
I'd love to know how you know all of this. For all I know you could just be leading all of us on :) You should really send this stuff to spymac ;)


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spymac is not a very good place for talking about rumours. ever since their iWalk debacle, nobody really gives a sh** about what they are saying. :)

i think this forum is just about right for this kind of rumours. intelligent people talking possibilities. although some of the answers to the original post were a bit far off, others actually do not only make some sense but expand 'evolutionary' (as an answer to one of the other posts on this page) on the basic rumour, which does not claim any hardware so far, only concepts and software development.

i haven't heard anything from my source lately, nothing new at least. only that they're still hard at work on two main tasks: low level fixing & interface design. the second part is more interesting to me, but all i get out of him is again the scalability of the 3d (and vector) based interface. it seems to hype him very much, because basically you're free in resolution and size of the screen.
For better or worse, the last two times I tried to log onto spymac, their server was down. I suspect they may have gone the way of the iwalk. Or maybe apple's legal team finally pulled their plug (heehee).


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Originally posted by cryptochrome
The device as I'm conceiving it would be the remote link in your digital hub. Wireless and/or 2.5g/3g network capability would be essential. And as long as you've got that, plus the recording and playback capability, you've got everything you need for a phone.

The most significant thing is putting this all in an appropriately sized package. Too big and people won't want to carry it. Too small and they won't be able to write on it. A mobile phone needs to be pocket-sized to be useful, while a PDA has to be bigger than that. I'm not sure how they'd resolve the two. All I know is that belt clips look stupid and are alkward.
Nokia already did solve all of these; they even use StrongARM/EPOC combo. 9210 is the name; it actually works, albeit lacks a hard disc.
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Something’s Cooking For Tokyo…
I’m still gathering details (what details there are, at least), but *something* somewhat big may be happening at Macworld Tokyo in a couple of weeks. We know there won’t be any new hardware released, and we know OS X 10.2 won’t be released then, either — but we may very well get to see what Steve has planned for release in the months after the show. Rumors are starting to rumble around Steve setting to rest questions regarding the Phantom Apple PDA, as well as other digital lifestyle devices Apple may — or may not — be planning. There’s also a chance we’ll get to see quite a bit of OS X 10.2.

But as always, we really won’t know anything until the show starts — but I’ll post more as I learn more…

Is this the big one? Keep your Newtons crossed. Does any one know if steves keynote will be broadcast over the net?
Why did apple put contacts on the iPod, without a touchscreen on the iPod, it's kind of limited. Maybe in the end of the year the iPod hardware will sport a larger display and a touchscreen.

I hope apple gets the act together. Contacts on a mp3 player whitout any kind of input device (other then your mac, but if you got your mac whityou you dont need to put your contacts on the ipod) is useless. A peice of paper is better.

I keeps my contacts on my ipad :D

Do you have any more rumors fryke?


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an update, perhaps. :)

the current goal of the group is to make the main application a 'smooth experience', meaning that you control all of the different kinds of media very much the same way. as mentioned earlier, the interface resembles iTunes/iPhoto/Entourage and the likes. with a list of folders on the left and a viewer/selector on the right.

one 'rule' for the interface is that you should be able to touch things with a thumb or fingernail instead of a stylus, which reminds me of how i sometimes 'control' palm devices when viewing information only instead of inputting information. input types could include everything from a keyboard to a stylus to speech. nothing set yet.

it all sounds to me like apple wants a technology that can be applied to several appliances. webpads are not very fancy any more, but they could have a big chance in education (think information terminals with airport). pdas must find new applications (which apple can provide). mp3 players alone don't make any sense (and apple's already got one) - while a portable media player very much makes sense to me.
Originally posted by fryke
an update, perhaps. :)

the current goal of the group is to make the main application a 'smooth experience', meaning that you control all of the different kinds of media very much the same way. as mentioned earlier, the interface resembles iTunes/iPhoto/Entourage and the likes. with a list of folders on the left and a viewer/selector on the right.

I dreamed on this for MacOSX, and hoped apple would use some way of iTunes like file browsing, the current way of browsing files is so old, it worked like charm when hardrives was ~ 1gb. Now days allmost everyone got ~ 20 - 40gb. Some of us have more like 100gb. Im thinking of writing something like this but never finds the time.