NextStep, Rhapsody & Copland


Simply Daemonic
BAck in the pre-8 days Copland was advertised I got wind that there were developper
previews and CDs with Copland on it.
NextStep was aquired by apple, and Rhapsody was conceived...

To make a long story short... is there a place on the net where can I get a copy of Copland, Rhapsody and NextStep ????
A long time ago, well, maybe only a year or two, I saw it on a Hotline server. I downloaded it to see what it was like, and it wasn't worth my time downloading. I'm not sure if that copy was legit, or a fake, but it wasn't that great. It was a lot like OS 9, but it didn't run too well. It basically crashed, so much that it was unusable. If i had a non-legit copy, then there may be stable, or somewhat stable copies out there.
I personally never tried Copland, but my brother (who's a member of the ADC) did a few years back. I never saw it running because he meticulously respects the ADC agreement (he's definitely not the one upon which the rumour sites live ! ;) ), however he did tell me that it crashed so much System 7 seemed rock solid in comparison. (Notice that I did not write Mac OS 7.5…)

To be fair, the only developer version Apple ever seeded was in fact an “early bird” version meant for those who wished to write drivers for the beast. A few months afterwards, Gil Amelio, having seen the monstrous OS, decided that a billion for that “thing” was obviously money sent down the drain. Thus the “Great Hunt for an Existing and Working OS” was launched, which resulted in Apple buying NeXT. According to my brother, we can all be very thankful of Amelio’s decision. Not only because it saved Apple from bankruptcy, but because the resulting OS would have been condemned to be as unstable as the present Mac OS is (had Apple actually succeeded, because providing 100 % backwards compatibility was proving to be a truly daunting task).

In short, AdmiralAK, don't look for it as the Holy Grail. It could make an interesting download for historic reasons, however, provided you have a compatible machine...
Thanks :D
Well I have copland, I found it on some hotline server, and I did try it out on my old mac
that war gathering dust in my did indeed seem very unstable and it did crash on me several times :p
I was interested in those OSs for collector reasons but its really not worth it lol :p
I will settle for screenshots xe xe xe ;)

Thanks again ;)