nib file goddness


If you look in /System/Library/Preferences and cntrl-click on dock.preference and show package contents. If you look at the DockPrefExt.nib file under /contents/Resources/YOURLANGUAGE[/].lproj yu will notice that the pinning options are in the menus.

Just something interesting to know.
That's interesting...if you swap the two directories around, the pinning options show up in System Preferences as well.
Too bad it doesn't affect the dock's position when you change the menu selection :(.
Found another sign of hope. If you open the Keyboard.preference's nib file you will find another window for setting the F-keys as hotkeys. When I get some time I will try and figure out if this can be activated.

btw, does anyone have a copy of the PB Appearance.preference file? If we can look at it there may be a way to set the Application menu to be an icon again.
Sadly, I don't think that it's possible to make the Application Menu an icon again. I liked it that way in PB, but I don't see a prefrence for it in my home folder. Oh well.

Oh! Send feedback to Apple (go to and click on feedback) about it!
It may still be possible but the preference for setting that has been removed. If I can get a copy of the appearance.preference file I may be able to hack the system and re-enable the feature. Only one way to find out for sure though.